Furniture & Maintenance Processor

MCCReUzit on State is urgently seeking an energetic, responsible team member with good customer service skills for a part-time paid position up to 29 hours per week.
Must be able to be on feet and lift 75 – 100 pounds, and available to work some Saturdays

Responsibilities include:
-Assist with truck pick-up and delivery of furniture, books, and other items, and preferably qualified to act as a back-up driver.
-Clean warehouse and clean and prepare the store for morning opening, and clean and maintain restrooms on some days.
-Load and unload items that have been donated or sold, and move items on and off the sales floor.
-Clean and prepare furniture for sale, and preferably able to repair furniture occasionally.

This person is responsible to the Facilities and Donation Manager
Please contact Peter Hookey, Human Resources Manager at or call 717-733-4934


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