Reception, Maintenance & Landscaping openings


Maintenance Assistant (full-time): The Maintenance Assistant is part of a Maintenance team at MCC Akron Office and Welcoming Place, with primary responsibility for planning and executing construction projects, keeping the department equipment and supplies inventory, and handling daily office maintenance needs. Job Description:

Receptionist (three days/week): MCC’s Akron Receptionist is the first contact people for many, either on the phone or in person, when they call or visit MCC. By directing calls and helping visitors during office hours, the receptionist provides an essential link for those contacting MCC. As such, this person will become very knowledgeable about MCC’s programs and goals. This Akron, PA-based position is 3 days/week: Mondays, Thursdays, and third day flexible. Joy Description:

Use your gifts to join MCC’s Administrative Services team providing warm reception to visitors, a beautiful campus, or maintaining the property well. You can apply for these openings online at or call 717 859 1151 for more information.




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