Spiritual Family & Discipleship Director

Community Mennonite Fellowship, a contemporary congregation of about 250 in Milton, PA is seeking a part-time Spiritual Family & Discipleship Director to help primarily ages 25-40 grow in faith and establish meaningful relationships with each other and Christ.

This 25-30 hour per week position works to create, develop, maintain, and enhance relationships, programming, and services for individuals ages 25 and older.  This includes existing program such as adult Sunday School, small groups, ministries to Men, Women, Families, and Married.  Specific attention would be given to the 25=40 age range group.  This position also oversees the integration and discipleship process for new attendees.  The goal of this position is to help individuals feel connected to CMF establish meaningful relationships with each other and Christ, and grow in their faith.

To read a complete job description, please click HERE

Please contact Pastor Tim at tim@cmfmilton.org to apply or visit cmfmilton.org.

09/29~11/14/2022 uptaded


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