Spanish Classes at LMC

Learn the basics of conversation, interaction, and culture, with a taste and
open heart in the Spanish Language that will help you interact with the
Hispanic community, neighbors, and friends.  We will learn short and
simple ways to have friendly conversations, to taste of their culture a bit with of
games, and, food!

8 Sessions
August to September 2021
Starting August 17, 2021
Tuesday and Thursday (2 hours)
From 6-8 pm

Class location will be determined and announced soon; and depending on how many participants outside of Lancaster, PA are interested in taking the class, it can be offered via zoom.
A $20 dollar donation is requested (from those who can)
This is toward the STEP scholarship fund

Please write “Spanish Classes” on the little red * (asterisk)
contact Felixa if you have any questions at
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