Church Multiplication

Omar Guzman, church multiplication coordinator, is mobilizing LMC members and congregations to multiply church plants through discernment, practical training, and implementation of church plants with sustainable support systems in collaboration with the expanding LMC community.

We see new life. God is on the move. We sense that we are experiencing an outpouring of God’s Spirit. We want to foster growth and multiplication of the churches in LMC and embrace the new expressions of faith that come to us as we engage those God brings our way.

We are thrilled with the growth within LMC and its embrace of a variety of people groups and other creative expressions of worship. We want to join the flow of the River of Life in Ezekiel 47 that leads down into the dry and salty sea. We see new life!

Church on the Other Side

Church on the Other Side provides preparation, equipping, and nurture for potential and active church planters and missional practitioners. It is lead by Omar Guzman and Josef Berthold along with coaches who connect with various new missional initiatives to provide encouragement, resourcing, and accountability. The team offers regular training sessions open to all interested in greater local participation in God’s mission. Church on the Other Side does not advocate any particular model of multiplication but can connect missional practitioners with expertise in a variety of possibilities. Church on the Other Side is responsible to the LMC Executive Council and serves LMC missional initiatives and beyond.

For more information on Church on the Other Side

contact Omar Guzman or Josef Berthold


Flourish is a network of pastors and lay leaders who meet in various ways and formats. We are seeking to invite Jesus to transform us in our everyday life, strengthen our leadership skills, and be the church beyond the building and church walls. Our mission is to birth, resource, and multiply clusters of Christ-followers where we live, work and play.

Lay leaders and pastors are leading missional communities/house churches (language fails us in describing these groups!). We are finding many people open to spiritual conversations, prayer, friendship, all of which are opening doors to share Jesus in natural ways. We are finding ways to be catalytic in transformation happening in both structured places (discipleship huddles) and also in the serendipitous moments as we seek to follow Jesus in our neighborhoods, communities, places of recreation, and workplaces. In the same way that Jesus was present with people, and also sent the 72 out to the towns where He anticipated going, we seek to stay engaged in places where we are called and where people are open to the Jesus in us.  We are growing in our belief that Jesus calls His church to go (instead of stay cloistered from the world), and seek the welfare of the city, workplace, community.

For more information on Flourish

contact Keith Blank


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