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Our Mission

A Spirit-led movement to:
• Make disciples of Jesus,
• Mobilize every member as a missionary, and
• Multiply faith communities locally and beyond!

Latest News & Articles

Gospel-Centered Holy Reconciliation Movement

In the era of tolerance and openness to diversity. By Bartimaeus Sungbin Kim Tolerance and openness to diversity are the characteristics that represent the virtues and moral standards in our current time. The Oxford English Dictionary defines tolerance as the quality of being willing to accept or tolerate somebody/something, especially opinions or behavior that you may not agree with, or people who are not like… Read More


L. Keith Weaver retires following twenty-two years of service. LMC, a fellowship of Anabaptist churches, is pleased to announce the retirement of Moderator L. Keith Weaver following twenty-two years of faithful service. Keith and Joanne Weaver were honored at retirement celebrations for Keith’s twenty-two years of faithful service as LMC Moderator. Keith gave himself selflessly to the cause of the church and the coming of… Read More

Bishop Elder Team

Bishop Board and Conference Executive Council recently affirmed the placement of a Bishop Elders Team to lead LMC for the next three to five years and continue the prayerful discernment regarding governance and structure. The team consists of Marcia Mylin (LMC staff), Bishop Keith Blank (Landisville-Manor District), Bishop Rodney Martin (Conestoga River District), and Bishop Tuyen Nguyen (Philadelphia District).

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