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Engagin the Mystery

New Ways of Worship & Connection We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God’s Good News but our own lives, too. 1 Thessalonians 2:8 (NLT) New Danville Mennonite Church has been on a journey to learn how to live out the Scriptures. In 1  Thessalonians 2:8, Paul writes to the church in Thessalonica to encourage them, as followers of Jesus,… Read More

New Bishop Orientation 

On Monday, February 12, 2024, LMC held a newly appointed Bishop Orientation. The all-day event focused on welcoming new bishops and reflecting on their experiences. LMC & EMM staff spoke about various topics, including the Bishop role, movement and APEST function, the vision of Intercultural Leadership Ministry, EMM and Karios, social trends Intersecting with Anabaptist Theology and credentialing.

Bishop Transition

Stephen Weaver recently retired as Bishop of the LanChester, New Danville, Willow Street-Strasburg Districts, where he served from 2015-2023. Three new Bishops were appointed to serve as a team. They will primarily relate to the leaders and congregations: Bishop Mark Wenger, LanChester District; Bishop Mike Clemmer, New Danville District; and Bishop John Drouillard, Willow Street Strasburg District. Bishop J. Allen Lehman recently retired as Bishop… Read More

Many were blessed! 

Sunday, January 21, 2024, Village Chapel in New Holland, Pa. held a day of appreciation for Jeff Horst as he retired after 35 years of service as pastor. Jeff was licensed as a pastor in May of 1988 and had the longest tenure of pastoral service of any district leader since then. The Chapel members, his family, and others gathered to celebrate a man with… Read More

Pausing Celebration of Church Life 2024

God is moving and accomplishing much among us here at LMC – including growth in the number of congregations, ethnic diversity, and locations across the United States and beyond. To that end, the Conference Executive Council and the Board of Bishops decided that LMC will not hold a conference-wide CCL event in 2024. A team has been commissioned to review the purpose and goals of… Read More

CIES-Cuba Annual Assembly

From February 15 to February 21, 2024, Supervisor Samuel Lopez, Supervisor Hugo Garcia, Bishop Brian Martin, and Pastor Lynn Shertzer traveled to Cuba to participate in the CIES-Cuba Annual Leadership Assembly. Samuel Lopez serves as Supervisor of the 51 congregations in the Distrito del Concilio de Iglesias Evangélicas (CIES), which includes nine congregations in Cuba.

Bishop Elders Team Monthly Email – Correo mensual del Equipo de Obispos Ancianos

Esta carta está traducida al Español después de la de Ingles “What is a Disciple?”by Bishop Keith Blank Recently several of us on the Bishop Elder Team attended the Exponential conference where more than 5000 church leaders met together for four days on the theme, A Return to Disciple-Making. I was inspired by the passionate commitment of those gathered to return to making disciples. As we’ve focused… Read More

Child Protection Reminder/Recordatorio para Protección Infantil

Local Child Protection Teams are encouraged to keep their policies current and in force. Keep your Child Protection Team fully active and all personnel background checks within the five-year window. Execute any training regimen your policy requires. Contact the LMC office for more information if your congregation does not have a Child Protection policy. Se anima a los equipos locales de protección infantil a mantener… Read More

Pausing Celebration of Church Life 2024

The Conference Executive Council and the Board of Bishops recently decided that LMC will not hold a conference-wide CCL event in 2024. A team has been commissioned to review the purpose and goals of the event and decide how we can better meet those goals for all who are a part of LMC. The pause in the event for 2024 is to give the review… Read More

Bishop Elders Team Monthly email~Correo Electrónico mensual del Equipo de Obispos Ancianos

Bishop Elders Team Monthly Email  Submitted by Marcia Mylin The Kingdom Where Jesus is King! In preparation for 2024, the bishop elders team discerned that we should focus on the theme of “kingdom” for this year. In our first email of 2024, Keith Blank identified four key areas to help us understand what it means to live as kingdom people. As a follow up to Keith’s email, this month we… Read More

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