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God Opens Doors

By Erik Giron My name is Erik Girón, happily married to Minerva Girón. I was born in Guatemala. During my childhood, I witnessed the severe needs of people living in the world, where there is a lot of idolatry. I was interested in the gospel and attended the Christian church. When I was 13 years old, my family emigrated to the United States. It was… Read More

Mennonite World Conference

Assembly participants on-site nearly doubledThe Indonesian Assembly just got a little bit larger. The National Advisory Committee for Assembly 17 and the executive committee of MWC have decided to raise attendance numbers for the gathering in Indonesia to 1 250. Read more Las personas que participaran de la asamblea presencial casi se duplicaronLa Asamblea de Indonesia se hizo un poco más grande. El Comité Asesor… Read More

God on the Move!

By Steve & Beth Gibbs How great is the love of Jesus!  Out of great love for a world lost in sin, Jesus went to the cross, suffered, and died there to save humanity. Rising from the dead, ascending to heaven, Christ with the Father sent the Spirit to empower those who believe in him. That movement of Christ from heaven to earth and back… Read More

Annual Assembly of the Mennonite Garífuna Mission

On March 11 and 12, the Garifuna Mennonite Assembly held its annual assembly in Huston, Texas; TOGETHER. The annual assembly of the Garífuna Mennonite mission, had as participants 42 pastors and leaders from each of the 17 Garífuna Mennonite churches in the United States, in this meeting several topics were discussed, such as the formation of the mission with a network of LMC, the formation… Read More

Mennonite World Conference

March 2022 Dear praying friend“It is good to be in a family where your voice is heard,” says one Prayer Network subscriber. We invite you to lift up your hearts to God with us, standing in solidarity with each other and taking encouragement from the Spirit of God that unites us in the body of Christ. In our prayers, we support each other in joy… Read More

Mennonite World Conference

How will we gather for Assembly 17? The Executive Committee has opted for limited on-site attendees and many options for online attendees at the hybrid Assembly 17. MWC Assembly is hosted by the three Indonesian Anabaptist-Mennonite synods in Central Java, Indonesia, 5-10 July 2022. MWC Assembly 17 in Indonesia will welcome 700 on-site participants with the option of additional Indonesian guests for opening night and closing service. Due to COVID-19 regulations,… Read More

Bishop Installation in Great Lakes West District of LMC

Members of the Great Lakes West District’s congregations gathered at North Leo Mennonite Church for the installation of a new bishop, M. John Nissley, on September 12, 2021. The service opened with worship led by a team from First Mennonite Church from Berne, Indiana, which featured piano, organ, and brass accompaniment. Members of the Bishop Discernment Committee shared an overview of the discernment process. Retiring… Read More

Online Ministry Training

LMC now offers a variety of online classes for Bible study and for Anabaptist history, theology, and spirituality. William Higgins, an LMC resource staff, leads these hybrid in-person and online classes. Studies in Scripture classes include Learning How to Pray: The Lord’s Prayer; Study of the Sermon on the Mount: Matthew 5-7; and Gospel of Mark 1-3. The Reading Groups classes include studies of Anabaptist… Read More


The Discovery course, an eight-session basic discipleship process, moved online in 2021. Congregations and districts can now access this material through Google Classroom. In addition, there is an electronic pdf version of Discovery that is available. Discovery aids the ability of a disciple to hear God in their personal walk. Discovery is now also available in a Spanish pdf document and a Spanish version of… Read More

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