Conference Minister

Adalberto Santiago

Adalberto Santiago, the Conference Minister.  He assists with the LMC oversight ministry in the LMC office. Aid includes credential processes and record-keeping, pastor search coaching, interim pastor placement, bishop search processes, coaching for bishops, and conflict mitigation coaching.

The Conference Minister sits on the Credentialing Commission and creates and provides the credentialing packets to the Bishops that are used in interview by the Credentialing Commission. The Conference Leadership Information forms are filed and maintained by this office.

The Conference Minister also guides and encourages Bishops to oversee life-long learning for those in their charge. Bishops give oral reports each year in their December meeting on the continuing education activities in their districts.

As a response to the PA Child Protection Law changes in 2015, the Conference Minister also serves as connection point for leaders about child abuse education and for starting the process of child protection legal and Conference requirements of new leaders. A very brief summary of child protection procedures can be found here English or Español. After new leaders have provided their first child protection checks and training certificate to the Credentialing Commission, the local congregation becomes responsible to maintain those checks and training on the required five-year cycle.

Current openings for leaders in LMC congregations are listed here. Congregations should connect with their bishop first in pastoral search processes.  The Conference Minister also meets with Interim Pastors and periodically arranges for Interim Pastor training events.

Update~January 2022

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contact Adalberto Santiago at 717-293-5246 ext. 119 or

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