Pastoral Openings

The openings below are organized by the district. To make an inquiry, please contact the contact person(s) listed with each posting.

For Pastors Openings

Central Penn District

  • Maple Grove Mennonite Church

    Location: Belleville, PA
    Need: Lead Pastor
    Support Level: Full time
    Date of Opening: Any time
    Congregation Size: 101
    Congregation Type: Town

    Contact: Herb Zook
    (717) 935-2430

Conestoga River District District

Franklin District

  • Community Mennonite

    Location: Hagerstown/Boonsboro, Maryland
    Need: Pastor/Church Planter
    Support Level: Bi-vocational/negotiable
    Date of Opening: 09/01/2021
    Congregation Size: 10
    Congregation Type: Rural/parsonage available

    Contact: J. Allen Lehman

    Contact: Paul Clemmer

  • Shady Pine Church

    Location: Willow Hill (Franklin County), Pennsylvania
    Need: Pastor
    Support Level: Part-time 50%-75%
    Date of Opening: 09/01/2021
    Congregation Size: 40-45
    Congregation Type: Rural

    Contact: Wilma Brown


Great Lake East District

  • Alden Mennonite Church

    Location: Alden, New York
    Need: Pastor
    Support Level: Part time...50%-75%
    Date of Opening: 01/01/2020
    Congregation Size: 40-45
    Congregation Type: Suburban/Bedroom community

    Contact: Jim Sutton
    (440) 897-6851

Great Lakes West District

  • First Mennonite Berne

    Location: Berne, Indiana
    Need: Youth Pastor
    Support Level: Full Time
    Date of Opening: 09/01/2022
    Congregation Size: 350
    Congregation Type: Small Town

    Contact: Jeff Linthicum

  • Yellow Creek Mennonite Church

    Location: Goshen, IN
    Need: Full Time Youth Pastor for middle school and high school youth
    Support Level: Full Time
    Date of Opening: Immediately
    Congregation Size: Average Attendance – 240
    Congregation Type: Rural

    Contact: Terry Graber

  • First Mennonite Church of Middlebury

    Location: Middlebury, IN
    Need: Part-time Pastor of Youth or Music
    Support Level: 1/4 Time to 1/2 FTE
    Date of Opening: Immediately
    Congregation Size: Average attendance - 100
    Congregation Type: Town

    Contact: Philip Yoder

Landisville-Manor District

  • East Petersburg Mennonite Church

    Location: East Petersburg, PA
    Need: Equipping Pastor
    Support Level: 3/4 ~ 75%
    Date of Opening: Flexible start date, available immediately
    Congregation Size: 100
    Congregation Type: Suburban

    Contact: Search Team

  • Marietta Community Chapel

    Location: Marietta, Pennsylvania
    Need: Lead Pastor
    Support Level: 50% FTE
    Date of Opening: 04/01/2022
    Congregation Size: 50
    Congregation Type: Town

    Contact: Chuck Jantzi

New York City District

  • King of Glory Tabernacle

    Location: Bronx, NY
    Need: Pastor
    Support Level: Part-time
    Date of Opening: January 2022
    Congregation Size: Approximately 60 members
    Congregation Type: Inner-city

    Contact: Jasmine Brooks (Communications person)

Southeast Conference District

  • Sarasota Community Church

    Location: Sarasota, Florida
    Need: Music and Media Minister
    Support Level: Full-time
    Date of Opening: Available Immediately
    Congregation Size: varies throughout the year (100-500+)
    Congregation Type: Urban

    Contact: Dennis Bontrager

Susquehanna River District District

  • Good’s Mennonite Church

    Location: Elizabethtown, PA
    Need: Part-time pastor
    Support Level: 1/2
    Date of Opening: Ideally in the next 4-8 months
    Congregation Size: 25-30
    Congregation Type: Rural

    Contact: Barry Stoner

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