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LMC – News Notes (April-June Shalom News)

Evangelical Garifuna Mission Joins LMC Omar Guzman was recently called as Bishop of the Evangelical Garifuna Mission district. On June 24, 2022, the LMC Board of Bishops affirmed the EGM as a network of Garifuna congregations within LMC and as a district of LMC. Bishops gathered with joy around Omar Guzman for prayer and blessing. With approximately 1,200 members, Evangelical Garifuna Mission is now a… Read More

Bishops visit Dominican Republic Churches

Bishop Adalberto Santiago and Bishop Nicolas Angustia traveled to the Dominican Republic to visit the Faro Divino congregations from August 13 to 18. As part of the New York City district of LMC, Bishop Nicholas provides leadership to these congregations. The purpose of this visit was to strengthen the relationships between LMC, New York City District and the Dominican Republic Council.  Adalberto spoke to a… Read More

Bishop Elder Team

Bishop Board and Conference Executive Council recently affirmed the placement of a Bishop Elders Team to lead LMC for the next three to five years and continue the prayerful discernment regarding governance and structure. The team consists of Marcia Mylin (LMC staff), Bishop Keith Blank (Landisville-Manor District), Bishop Rodney Martin (Conestoga River District), and Bishop Tuyen Nguyen (Philadelphia District).

LMC Conference Minister – Trip to Florida

Adalberto Santiago traveled to Florida from May 14 to 15 to participate in the assembly of the Southeast Mennonite Conference, a district of LMC. The gathering was hosted by Asamblea de la Grace in Immokalee, Fl. Leaders from eight churches participated in an incredible time of hospitality. The support and harmony between the churches were palatable.  Adalberto brought greetings from LMC to the fellowship of… Read More

Chestnut Hill Mennonite church (CHMC)

The church near Columbia, Pa. recently celebrated the completion of its public ministry and sold its church building to another Christian fellowship. EMM and LMC were the recipients of the remaining assets per the CHMC dissolution clause. The CHMC Transition Team,  EMM, LMC, and Shalom Council representatives gathered on April 25 to celebrate. At the encouragement of CHMC, a $120,000 gift from the proceeds of… Read More

Pastor’s Tea – Cesar Garcia

A pastor’s tea with César Garcia, General Secretary of the Mennonite World Conference (MWC) was held at 450 Hub in Lancaster on Friday, May 20. Approximately thirty pastors, bishops, and staff gathered for a time of fellowship and shared vision. J. Ron Byler, MWC Chief Development Officer (interim) facilitated an interactive conversation between César and the group. MWC is a communion of Anabaptist-related churches linked… Read More

Annual Assembly of the Mennonite Garífuna Mission

On March 11 and 12, the Garifuna Mennonite Assembly held its annual assembly in Huston, Texas; TOGETHER. The annual assembly of the Garífuna Mennonite mission, had as participants 42 pastors and leaders from each of the 17 Garífuna Mennonite churches in the United States, in this meeting several topics were discussed, such as the formation of the mission with a network of LMC, the formation… Read More

LMC Legacy Foundation Grants Available

The Legacy Foundation is a vital ministry of LMC created to promote hope, healing, and wholeness through Christ-centered behavioral healthcare in our community. We accomplish this by providing grants to support initiatives that nurture mental health, resilience, and innovation. Our desire is to inspire innovation and the development of outcome-based initiatives that result in mental wellness through the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. We are… Read More

Conference Minister

Adalberto Santiago has started as the new Conference Minister since December 1st, 2021. Santiago and his wife, Jenny are co-pastors of Congregación Menonita Shalom in New Columbia, Pa. They have four children. He also serves as a Supervisor in CIES leadership and on the LMC Bishop Board. He was elected as secretary of LMC in 2021. He served several terms on the LMC Credentialing Commission.… Read More


Dale Stoltzfus and Brinton Rutherford retired in 2021. Rutherford retired in November after 15 years as Resource Staff. Prior to his work at LMC, he served as director of the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society. Dale Stoltzfus retired in December as LMC Conference MInister after 15 years of service. He was instrumental in the creation of the Credentialing Commission. He held many positions in LMC and… Read More

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