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Bishop Installation in Great Lakes West District of LMC

Members of the Great Lakes West District’s congregations gathered at North Leo Mennonite Church for the installation of a new bishop, M. John Nissley, on September 12, 2021. The service opened with worship led by a team from First Mennonite Church from Berne, Indiana, which featured piano, organ, and brass accompaniment. Members of the Bishop Discernment Committee shared an overview of the discernment process. Retiring… Read More

Online Ministry Training

LMC now offers a variety of online classes for Bible study and for Anabaptist history, theology, and spirituality. William Higgins, an LMC resource staff, leads these hybrid in-person and online classes. Studies in Scripture classes include Learning How to Pray: The Lord’s Prayer; Study of the Sermon on the Mount: Matthew 5-7; and Gospel of Mark 1-3. The Reading Groups classes include studies of Anabaptist… Read More

Intercultural Competence

Intercultural Competence. Bishops, CEC members, and LMC staff have all completed the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) during 2021. This initial IDI work helps LMC establish a baseline as long-term work is undertaken to increase intercultural competency within LMC. With more than half of LMC congregations made up of people of color, increased intercultural competency is seen as essential for mission success. Karl McKinney, a new… Read More

District Name Changes

District name changes. Several LMC districts have recently merged, some have changed their names plus a couple of new districts formed. The prior Lancaster, Lititz, and Mellinger districts have merged to form the Conestoga River district. These congregations are overseen by bishops Rodney Martin and Joe Miller. The Bowmansville-Reading and Weaverland-NE districts have merged to form the Valley-Mountain-PA East. This new district is led by… Read More

COVID-19 Relief

The financial impact on LMC congregations is very uneven. Many congregations lost income when members lost jobs or suffered reduced hours at work. In some cases, small business owners lost their business. The virtual school sometimes resulted in one parent remaining at home to provide child care and education support. The finances of two-income households then had reduced funds to work with. In all of… Read More


LMC-ACC Meeting: In May, leaders from LMC met with ACC leadership to continue work on building relationships between the two groups.  LMC-MC USA Meeting: In June for the third year in a row, Keith Weaver, LMC moderator, and other LMC leaders met with a group of MC USA leaders. The gathering continues a process put in place by Ervin Stutzman as LMC was leaving MC… Read More

Discovery in Spanish

Following interest from CIES (Shalom Council), a team began work on translating the Discovery Course into Spanish. Peter Cook, Susan Hochstedler, Alexis Roman, Brinton Rutherford, and Daniel Sanchez are navigating the effort.

NYC District Starts Eight New Churches

NYC District Starts 8 New Churches: The New York City district reported eight new church starts during 2019. The new starts as as follows: a new Garifuna plant in Tampa, led by Pastor Selvin Peppersburg a new Garifuna plant in Atlanta, led by Pastor Deo Arauz a new plant at 344 Brook Ave, Bronx, started by Linda Rodriguez a new group meeting at King of… Read More

Discovery Course

The Fall Discovery Course at Shiloh Mennonite Church in Reading completed January 22. Elizabethtown Mennonite Church and Goods Mennonite Church have courses planned for the Winter months. Alive Church Ephrata will offer the Discovery Course in the Spring, beginning in March. Discovery seeks to help Christians hear the voice of God, better know themselves, and plan for growth toward what each hears God calling them.… Read More

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