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LMC’s Mission for Many Languages~Vietnamese

Mennonite Phenomenon in Vietnam by Tuyen Nguyen In March 2019, the Vietnamese Mennonite churches of LMC stopped meeting in person and moved to Zoom. That change led us to experience what the apostle Paul said in Romans 8:28: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him.” People in Vietnam began to join our worship services in… Read More

LMC’s Mission for Many Languages~Nepali

Bhutanese Nepali Church of Lancaster by Deepak Rai Bhutanese Nepali Church, Lancaster (BNCL) started as a house fellowship during early refugee settlements from Nepal in 2009. BNCL received official recognition on January 1, 2010. Believers began to meet for worship services at West End Mennonite Church in downtown Lancaster. The church is grateful and blessed to proclaim the powerful Word of God in the Nepali… Read More

LMC’s Mission for many languages

Habecker Mennonite Church Habecker Mennonite Church Habecker Mennonite Church is not just for Karen people. We offer hospitality to people from any language or race. We worship mostly in English and Karen, but we also have people who speak Spanish and Burmese in our congregation. We love music, and we love to worship and fellowship together. On weekends we have extra worship services in people’s… Read More

LMC’s Mission for many Languages

Lao Mennonite Fellowship by: Khanthaly Bounma A typical service at Lao Mennonite Fellowship uses both the English and Lao languages. Since we now have a Thai family attending our fellowship, we mix a little Thai into the Scripture reading. The Lao and Thai languages are similar. So you could say that every service uses three languages. We rotate the sermon among three regular preachers plus… Read More

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