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Byerland Congregation Supporting STEP students

By Barbee Myer The congregation at Byerland has embraced helping STEP students with different projects and assignments. Providing opportunities for the body at Byerland to use the variety of gifts God has given them. Several people in the congregation have committed to praying for and encouraging the students. Others have provided mentoring and accountability. Our congregation’s support of STEP students has also helped foster leadership… Read More

Get involved with STEP

Do you have a hunger and desire to grow in your walk with Jesus? Has God called you to train and equip other leaders to become mature disciples of Christ? Are you sensing a call to some type of ministry? If so, have you considered STEP? The mission of STEP is to develop transformed leaders for skilled and Spirit-led ministry in congregations and the world. … Read More

Student Reflections (Year 3) by Ethan Myers 

The Value of the STEP Program By Ethan Myers Do you feel a calling to be a church leader, helping bring others closer to Christ?  Would you like to learn how to minister to others effectively?  These are the first questions that one should ask themselves when considering if the STEP program is a right fit for them. These are the same questions I asked… Read More

STEP Year 3 Missional Experiment: A Song of Lament!?!

by Lynn Shertzer Over the years, I’ve heard so many stories of the trepidation of the pinnacle assignment of the STEP Program. From my vantage point as an instructor, I watch as many students have little or no idea how to proceed with the Missional Experiment that is part of the year 3 curriculum. It appears as a huge mountain! This experiment has the elements… Read More

STEP Curriculum

“I find my biblical knowledge has grown significantly.  I am more intentional about practicing the disciplines and I am much better at identifying and holding personal boundaries both at home and in ministry settings!” ~From a Student “STEP has been a big help in my new role as associate pastor. I found it very helpful to learn more about who I am and my own… Read More

Boundary Lines in Pleasant Places

STEP Student Reflection (Year 1) by Elvin Kennel By Elvin Kennel In my faith journey, I have experienced several times where I felt that God was clearly nudging me into a “path shift.” Three years ago, I felt a renewed nudge that my ministry was to shift from that of a schoolteacher and administrator into another ministry. After thirty-six years of my ministry in the… Read More

STEP Grants and Stats

The LMC Grants Committee is thankful to be able to support and award thirty-five individuals with $25,700 in their educational journeys in the past year. Seventeen of these individuals are STEP students. To learn more about LMC grants, visit “Resting in the Holy Spirit and listening to His voice greatly improved through STEP. Was grateful for the spiritual discipline books, study, and practice.” ~From… Read More

Better Together, equipped to lead alongside Jesus

Student Reflections (Year 2) By Sammy White I was led to join STEP after watching my husband go through the program in 2020. Seeing the transformation in his thinking, understanding, and relationship with Jesus made me excited to join. He began to lead our family in practicing the Spiritual Disciplines and grew in his listening and study skills. We knew we would be better equipped… Read More

A Word From The Chairman of the STEP Oversight Comission

Hello, my name is Tom Eshleman. I’ve been a STEP instructor for eight years and have recently begun chairing the STEP Oversight Commission (SOC). The primary purpose of SOC is to give vision and oversight to the STEP program. I’ve witnessed STEP students profoundly impacted by the relationships they form with their fellow students who are also responding to God’s call to ministry. The STEP… Read More

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