Get involved with STEP

Do you have a hunger and desire to grow in your walk with Jesus? Has God called you to train and equip other leaders to become mature disciples of Christ? Are you sensing a call to some type of ministry? If so, have you considered STEP? The mission of STEP is to develop transformed leaders for skilled and Spirit-led ministry in congregations and the world. 

For almost 20 years, STEP has been the primary tool to develop skilled and transformed leaders in LMC congregations and worldwide. Thank you for your faithful partnership in this Spirit-led ministry!

As one STEP student said, “The work that we had has helped to prepare me for my current role. Talking through difficult circumstances has been a real blessing.  Encouraging one another as a group has been one of my favorite parts of STEP.”

Here are some ways you can support this Spirit-led ministry to develop transformed leaders!

  • Identify and support leaders from your congregation
  • Provide financial support for students from other congregations
  • Serve as a STEP supervisor
  • Partner with a STEP student to serve as their intercessor or prayer partner
  • Bring a special snack to serve to students while they are in class
  • Serve a STEP student’s family by providing childcare so the student can study 
  • Invite someone from STEP to speak at your church or small group 

For more information, contact Marcia at

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