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Neglectful and Needy 

Author: Sherri M. Scripture/song/image: 1 Corinthians 12:21 NIV Reflections: Confession – social distancing is easy for me. Truth be told, I’m quite happy alone for long periods of time. Content in my rich inner world. So much so, that I can neglect people and things close to me. It is a weakness I need to guard against. Take my orchid plants. Both gifts, given in love. For many months,… Read More

Process of “Becoming”… it comes at a cost.

By Sandra Roman The process of becoming, whether professional or spiritual development, requires a paradigm shift. All transformation comes at a cost. The seed, Christ Jesus, had to die for there to be a spiritual plant that produces a spiritual harvest. The process of breaking new ground and sowing seeds as servants to the Kingdom of God for the gathering of the harvest is a… Read More

Concilio Iglesias Evangélicas Shalom (CIES)

CIES es un distrito afín de LMC que se reúne en torno a un idioma común y no a la geografía. El distrito de CIES consta de 40 congregaciones en los Estados Unidos, Costa Rico, México y Nicaragua. Los pastores Daniel y Paola Sánchez sirven como directores de comunicaciones de CIES. Concilio Iglesias Evangélicas Shalom (CIES) is an affinity district of LMC that gathers around… Read More

Women’s Regional Gathering

  Reserve Saturday~ November 7, 2020; for our 5th annual event. Women’s Regional Gathering: 4th annual event, Nov 2, 2019; at Stumptown Mennonite Church of Bird In Hand PA. This event was as beautiful as their floral arrangements…. with many feeling blessed. Folks came from 25-30 different churches. Responses – Extremely positive with a deep appreciation for our 15 expert workshop elective leaders and attendees liked… Read More

CMC Emerge

CMC has offered LMC congregations access to its Emerge program. Emerge is a one year, church and community internship program. With weekend retreats, practical ministry, home study, and face-face meetings with a mentor, students build ministry skills. The program cost is $100. Everence generously covers all retreat costs except travel. There is an application process. Apply here. 

The Gathering Place~Grand Opening!

Come, … You are invited to visit the informal cafe at the LMC office, 2160 Lincoln Highway East. The space is designed with a seating area with individual work stations and group discussion areas. While enjoying your drink, browse the books on the shelves, read the newspaper or recent church periodicals, or work on your sermon. For those who need a place to study, who… Read More

¿Yo …Un Pastor?

Pastor Kevin Dodge En la Asamblea de Liderazgo de Otoño del LMC 2018, mi amigo y mentor Earl Yoder (obispo del distrito del oeste de Maryland) me presentó a varias personas como su pastor. Esa introducción me dejó perplejo, como suele ocurrir cuando alguien se refiere a mí como un “pastor”. ¿Por qué? Esa mañana miré a mi alrededor en la sala y vi a… Read More

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