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Excessive Happiness

by Steve Shank When I graduated from college in my early twenties, I was not really following Jesus. I knew about Jesus, but I wasn’t on fire for God until I connected with a group of believers that challenged and changed my life. There I met Jesus as a real person, and I was filled with the Holy Spirit. For me everything changed. I caught… Read More

Mission Statement

In 2019 LMC leadership worked to update the prior mission statement from 2001.  The new statement appears inside the front cover of the Shalom News Magazine in October-December 2020.  The fall Leadership Assembly in 2019 worked on this revision process, and the Leadership Assembly this past September further processed this statement. A Spirit-led movement: to make disciples of Jesus. to mobilize every member as a… Read More


Are you caring, compassionate & dependable? We’re looking for Caregivers, and we are hiring! Landis at Home is a growing home care service of Landis Communities providing individualized support by caregivers with servant hearts for adults who live in their homes, a senior community, or elsewhere. We: Provide on the job training and supervision by Registered Nurses Offer flexible hours, competitive wages, and a positive… Read More

God’s Purpose in letting us be shaken

by: William Higgins (LMC Staff) A number of weeks ago I saw an article entitled, “The coronavirus pandemic is making earth vibrate less.” (CNN April 2013, by Harmeet Kaur). It talked about how since people were staying home and not using cars, trains, and buses, that seismologists were noticing that the earth’s upper crust was actually moving less. I thought that it was very interesting that… Read More

12 Considerations As You Prepare To Reopen Your Church Doors

By Madalyn Metzger, Vice President of Marketing, Everence                                    12 considerations in PDF format As stay-at-home guidelines are eased and church doors and sanctuaries reopen, worship and church ministries will, undoubtedly, look different than before the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. And so it should – so that we continue to… Read More

Scenarios to Consider Moving Forward in the Pandemic

(This document in PDF ) May 2020 Due to the geographic extent of LMC, a single guideline for opening up after “shelter-a- home” is not possible.  Different parts of the country have different levels of impact by the virus. The Northeast, Illinois, and Florida, especially, are still having significant community-spread cases. Hence, know and abide by Local and State guidelines. An overview map of cases… Read More

Dwelling in the Word Text for 2020

LMC has chosen a Dwelling in the Word text for 2020. The practice has been to allow the text to form and shape LMC members as individuals and as a conference. Acts 1:1-14 in English and Español has been affirmed as the Dwelling in the Word text for this year. Acts 1:7-8    7He said to them: “It is not for you to know the… Read More

Neglectful and Needy 

Author: Sherri M. Scripture/song/image: 1 Corinthians 12:21 NIV Reflections: Confession – social distancing is easy for me. Truth be told, I’m quite happy alone for long periods of time. Content in my rich inner world. So much so, that I can neglect people and things close to me. It is a weakness I need to guard against. Take my orchid plants. Both gifts, given in love. For many months,… Read More

Process of “Becoming”… it comes at a cost.

By Sandra Roman The process of becoming, whether professional or spiritual development, requires a paradigm shift. All transformation comes at a cost. The seed, Christ Jesus, had to die for there to be a spiritual plant that produces a spiritual harvest. The process of breaking new ground and sowing seeds as servants to the Kingdom of God for the gathering of the harvest is a… Read More

Concilio Iglesias Evangélicas Shalom (CIES)

CIES es un distrito afín de LMC que se reúne en torno a un idioma común y no a la geografía. El distrito de CIES consta de 40 congregaciones en los Estados Unidos, Costa Rico, México y Nicaragua. Los pastores Daniel y Paola Sánchez sirven como directores de comunicaciones de CIES. Concilio Iglesias Evangélicas Shalom (CIES) is an affinity district of LMC that gathers around… Read More

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