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Abriendo Nuevos Caminos

El cambio es a veces emocionante, a veces desorientador, a menudo ambos. by Joy Fasick Sin mi teléfono me sentiría perdida .Lo dije. He admitido una verdad bastante inquietante: me sentiría perdida sin mi teléfono inteligente. Con el tengo acceso a mi calendario, contactos, fotos, correos electrónicos, muchos de mis archivos de trabajo, amigos y mucho más. Mi teléfono tiene varias traducciones de la Biblia… Read More

Breaking New Ground

Change is sometimes exciting, sometimes disorienting, often both. By Joy Fasick I would be lost without my phone. There, I’ve said it. I’ve admitted the rather unsettling truth: I would be lost without my smartphone. It gives me access to my calendar, contacts, photos, emails, many of my work files, friends, and so much more. My phone has several translations of the Bible and sends me scriptures.… Read More

Defining Choices

Facing obstacles that can hinder spiritual growth in today’s youth By Bill Helmlinger In the spring of 2004, I was a sophomore in High school and baseball season was just getting started. I started in two games before the weekend came. But that weekend, I decided to go to a youth conference called Acquire the Fire in Indianapolis instead of playing baseball. That decision was… Read More

La Historia de los Garífunas

Un Relato Sobre Vencer Obstáculos Por Pastor E. Omar Guzmán LMC cuenta con un cierto número de Iglesias Menonitas Garífuna. LMC también posee conexiones con una red de iglesias Garífunas alrededor de los EE. UU. y Centroamérica. Este grupo de iglesias realiza un increíble trabajo del Reino. Por lo tanto, quizá deberíamos preguntarnos “¿quiénes son los garífunas?” UN POCO DE HISTORIA La historia de los… Read More

The Garifuna Story

A Tale of Overcoming Obstacles By Pastor E. Omar Guzman LMC has a number of Garifuna Mennonite Churches. LMC also has connections with a network of Garifuna churches around the USA and in Central America. This group of churches does amazing Kingdom work. So perhaps, we should ask, “Who are the Garifuna?” SOME HISTORY The story of the Garifuna stands as a modern tragedy in… Read More

Repair, Rebuild, and Revive the Age-Old Foundations

By Sherri Martin As a third year STEP student I need to complete a year-long missional experiment. I am in the midst of my experiment in Kinzers, Pennsylvania. Foundational to my missional experiment are the words of Isaiah in chapter 58. The prophet had cried out and prophetically addressed the community who would return and make a new life in Jerusalem. Those people faced the… Read More

Quemando el Aceite de Medianoche

Por el Pastor Hugo Portillo, tal como lo relató a Joselyn Santiago Lo recuerdo como si hubiera sido ayer. Era un martes en la noche en el 2003, e iba a ir a la iglesia después del trabajo. Había llegado a los EEUU desde Guatemala en el 2001. Comencé a trabajar en el restaurante desde las 10 a.m. hasta las 10 p.m. habían pasado un… Read More

Burning the Midnight Oil

By Pastor Hugo Portillo as told to Joselyn Santiago I remember it as though it were yesterday. It was a Tuesday evening in 2003, and I was going to church after work. I had come to the USA from Guatemala in 2001. I began working at a restaurant from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. It had been a couple of years since I went to… Read More

Surprised by Jesus

The perspective of someone willing to give church ‘another shot’ By Lillian Faith Ruark God must have given my parents a nudge when they named me. “Faith” has played a key role in my life as both my greatest struggle and my saving grace. Early on, I became aware of a powerful but peaceful energy I could connect with through nature: walking through the woods,… Read More

Kingdom Desperation

Following Jesus’ example of removing barriers By Pastor Joe Sherer Desperation. It can be a good thing. Desperation can cause people to finally get the help they need. It can cause people faced with health threats to finally stop smoking or to start exercising. It can motivate people to invent solutions to common problems or find cures for diseases. Desperate times call for desperate measures,… Read More

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