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LMC Mission:

The Conference Executive Council instituted a six-month process to revisit and possibly refresh the statement of LMC mission. The current mission and vision statements are twenty years old. Pastors will respond to a brief questionnaire to gather some current data on how leaders are seeing and understanding the direction of LMC into the future. A small team will then work with that data and bring… Read More

Revisiting The Triquis of Mexico

Lester A. Blank traveled to Mexico, October 15-21, 2018 with a small group including his sons, Nelson and Paul.  They visited the site of the Blank family ministry in the 1960s.  The Triquis are an indigenous group with villages located in the high ranges of the Sierra Madre Mountains in southern Mexico. The ministry, including others besides the Blanks, involved medical aid, teaching the Bible,… Read More

World Fellowship Sunday

As a participating group with Mennonite World Conference, LMC congregations have the opportunity to celebrate with congregations around the world.  The date for MWC Sunday was set to commemorate the first known Anabaptist re-baptisms in Zurich, Switzerland, January 21, 1525. Commemoration typically takes place on January 20 or 27, the two Sundays closest to January 21 this year. However, LMC staff suggests churches commemorate the… Read More

A Tale of Two Churches

Two rural/suburban congregations experiment with ways they can work together     By Robert Brody How does leadership respond when an aging congregation experiences long-term numeric decline?  What are the options? Close, merge, and restart are common strategies. Two congregations in close proximity to one another, although in two different districts, tackled this problem last year. One congregation reversed a downward spiral. The other has… Read More

Una historia de dos iglesias

By: Robert Brody ¿Cómo responde la dirección cuando una congregación que envejece experimenta un declive cuantitativo a largo plazo? ¿Cuáles son las opciones? Cerrar, fusionar y reiniciar son estrategias comunes. Dos congregaciones muy próximas entre sí, aunque en dos distritos diferentes, abordaron este problema el año pasado. Una congregación invirtió una espiral descendente. La otra no ha podido hacerlo. Esta es su historia en desarrollo e… Read More

Abriendo Nuevos Caminos

El cambio es a veces emocionante, a veces desorientador, a menudo ambos. by Joy Fasick Sin mi teléfono me sentiría perdida .Lo dije. He admitido una verdad bastante inquietante: me sentiría perdida sin mi teléfono inteligente. Con el tengo acceso a mi calendario, contactos, fotos, correos electrónicos, muchos de mis archivos de trabajo, amigos y mucho más. Mi teléfono tiene varias traducciones de la Biblia… Read More

Breaking New Ground

Change is sometimes exciting, sometimes disorienting, often both. By Joy Fasick I would be lost without my phone. There, I’ve said it. I’ve admitted the rather unsettling truth: I would be lost without my smartphone. It gives me access to my calendar, contacts, photos, emails, many of my work files, friends, and so much more. My phone has several translations of the Bible and sends me scriptures.… Read More

Defining Choices

Facing obstacles that can hinder spiritual growth in today’s youth By Bill Helmlinger In the spring of 2004, I was a sophomore in High school and baseball season was just getting started. I started in two games before the weekend came. But that weekend, I decided to go to a youth conference called Acquire the Fire in Indianapolis instead of playing baseball. That decision was… Read More

La Historia de los Garífunas

Un Relato Sobre Vencer Obstáculos Por Pastor E. Omar Guzmán LMC cuenta con un cierto número de Iglesias Menonitas Garífuna. LMC también posee conexiones con una red de iglesias Garífunas alrededor de los EE. UU. y Centroamérica. Este grupo de iglesias realiza un increíble trabajo del Reino. Por lo tanto, quizá deberíamos preguntarnos “¿quiénes son los garífunas?” UN POCO DE HISTORIA La historia de los… Read More

The Garifuna Story

A Tale of Overcoming Obstacles By Pastor E. Omar Guzman LMC has a number of Garifuna Mennonite Churches. LMC also has connections with a network of Garifuna churches around the USA and in Central America. This group of churches does amazing Kingdom work. So perhaps, we should ask, “Who are the Garifuna?” SOME HISTORY The story of the Garifuna stands as a modern tragedy in… Read More

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