A Word From The Chairman of the STEP Oversight Comission

Hello, my name is Tom Eshleman. I’ve been a STEP instructor for eight years and have recently begun chairing the STEP Oversight Commission (SOC). The primary purpose of SOC is to give vision and oversight to the STEP program. I’ve witnessed STEP students profoundly impacted by the relationships they form with their fellow students who are also responding to God’s call to ministry. The STEP program powerfully combines capable instruction, lively class discussion, and an environment encouraging spiritual growth and ministry competency.  

As an instructor, I have been deeply impressed by the testimonies of students responding with courage and obedience to God’s call. I have been impressed with students’ depth of insight and spiritual maturity as they encourage one another to grow in areas of ministry that may be intimidating. I love seeing students step out with courage preaching in what sometimes is their first sermon. Frequently, they are amazed by God’s faithfulness as they experience the Holy Spirit’s provision and empowerment to fulfill the assignment. Many students discover gifts they need to be made aware that they carry.

” I love how the Bible reading/study and the teaching of the Bible are helping to ‘fill in’ my knowledge and understanding of God’s heart for His people. Pastoral care exercises have helped with the various people that I mentor and other interactions within the body of Christ.”

~From a STEP Student

STEP Oversite

There is also a STEP Academic Governance Committee that meets annually. This team is made up of LMC and EMU staff.

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