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Always More

Walking with Jesus, we discover that God pours abundant grace into our lives. The flow of grace never ends. We are leaky vessels like clay jars that are cracked and broken. (II Corinthians 4:6-12 AMP).  But there is always more of His grace. Even in our brokenness, He uses and fills us. (II Corinthians 12:9-11)  Filled with His love and grace, we are joined with… Read More

God’s Creative Design

An Interview with Artist Brenda Blank Where did you begin your journey into creativity and the arts? My journey with creativity begins with God, the Creator of everything. Because God created us in His image, I believe it also means a seed of creativity is planted in our DNA. People are creators too, created to recreate beauty and reflect His glory here on earth. As… Read More

A Prayer for Us

By DaQuan Gibson Before Jesus’ crucifixion, He prays for Himself, His disciples, and us. This is a futuristic prayer. It is a prayer that focuses on unity, on all being one. Not uniformity but unity, true friends! I imagine that as the disciples gathered for their final meal with Jesus (even though they did not know it), they did not feel united. They had to… Read More

LMC Districts and Bishops

The January-March, 2023 issue of Shalom News featured a snapshot of the districts comprising the LMC church fellowship. A Bishop or Bishop Team serves congregations that relate to one another in a district. The geographic reach of LMC congregations encompasses sixteen states and five countries outside of the USA.

God Brings Growth

A note from the Shalom News Editors By Sherri Martin and Sandra Granthon-Roman Welcome to the January 2023 “Special Edition” of Shalom News! The following pages are designed to show how God is expanding and equipping LMC to participate in the global story of redemption as a Spirit-led movement. As the Bishop Elders Team has been praying into a section of Isaiah 55, the entire… Read More

Gospel-Centered Holy Reconciliation Movement

In the era of tolerance and openness to diversity. By Bartimaeus Sungbin Kim Tolerance and openness to diversity are the characteristics that represent the virtues and moral standards in our current time. The Oxford English Dictionary defines tolerance as the quality of being willing to accept or tolerate somebody/something, especially opinions or behavior that you may not agree with, or people who are not like… Read More

Reaching My Neighbor

By Sheldon & Ashley Martin Who is my neighbor? Have you found yourself asking this question? The world we live in is divided into so many categories that we easily get swept into the idea that we are confined to a certain ethnicity, political party, geographic location, or the various other categories we could add to the list. Have we become so earthly-minded and agenda-driven… Read More

God on the Move!

By Steve & Beth Gibbs How great is the love of Jesus!  Out of great love for a world lost in sin, Jesus went to the cross, suffered, and died there to save humanity. Rising from the dead, ascending to heaven, Christ with the Father sent the Spirit to empower those who believe in him. That movement of Christ from heaven to earth and back… Read More

Leading ‘APEST Unction’

Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd, Teacher (APEST) is embedded in humans as part of the image of God and activated with Spirit power on mission with Jesus. by Sherri Martin The words, ‘functioning in God-given unction,’ flowed freely at LMC’s Fall Leadership Assembly on September 25, 2021. The leadership assembly was planned and facilitated by Supervisor Samuel Lopez, CIES District; Bishop Rodney Martin, Conestoga River District;… Read More

New Wine

By Caleb & Melissa Kaye A new hybrid digital/physical church plant in Annapolis reaches out to their community during the pandemic. Revive is a new church reaching out to the residents of Annapolis, Maryland with the hope of Jesus. Melissa, our five children, and I share the vision of Revive as a safe place to develop authentic faith. We believe in collaboration and teamwork. Together… Read More

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