Always More

Walking with Jesus, we discover that God pours abundant grace into our lives. The flow of grace never ends. We are leaky vessels like clay jars that are cracked and broken. (II Corinthians 4:6-12 AMP). 

But there is always more of His grace. Even in our brokenness, He uses and fills us. (II Corinthians 12:9-11) 

Filled with His love and grace, we are joined with others in the Body of Christ to fulfill the work of the Kingdom. Hear the Lord saying, “Come live in My grace!” 

For Reflection

  • Ponder the painting of the clay jar. What do you notice?
  • How is the Lord’s grace flowing through your brokenness? Individually? In community?

From the Artist

“Always More helps me visualize an ocean filled with the grace of God which flows to me with an unending supply. Being human, I am broken and cracked but I am continually being filled with God’s grace so there is no need to worry if I will have enough grace for the future. There is always more.”
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