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The Lord’s supper as an anticipation of the Messianic banquet

Celebration of Church Life seminar, 2022 I chose this topic because our theme for this weekend, “come to the table” comes from Luke 13:29 which talks about the Messianic banquet. Jesus said, “And people will come from east and west, and from north and south, and recline at table in the kingdom of God.” So, I want to talk about how every time we partake… Read More

The church struggles with prejudice. Acts 6:1-6

(This was a sermon I gave at New Danville Mennonite in July of 2020) Sin is insidious. It stealthily works its way into every nook and cranny of our lives affecting every part of us and how we interact with others, bringing pain and brokenness all around. We’re looking at just one aspect of this, this morning – THE SIN OF PREJUDCICE Prejudice is when… Read More

Pandemic Preaching. Sermons and Lessons from LMC leaders

Free eBook resource! The COVID 19 pandemic has had a profound effect on churches throughout the world. This collection of materials from LMC leaders is a snapshot of responses written and preached during and after the shutdown – providing comfort to the distressed. The materials offer guidance to frame our mutual experience and wisdom for dealing with various conflicts. Our prayer is that you will… Read More

Welcome to the Reflections and Resources blog!

This page offers LMC congregations and leaders biblical, theological and ministry resources related to Anabaptist faith and practice. This is a part of LMC’s larger ministry of providing discipleship and leadership training and enrichment opportunities. I will post relevant presentations I have given, announcements of upcoming classes and reading groups, reviews and links of useful websites, occasional book reviews and some samples from classes and… Read More

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