Why Give to LMC

“The generous man [is a source of blessing and] shall be prosperous and enriched, And he who waters will himself be watered [reaping the generosity he has sown].  Proverbs 11:25 (AMP)

When the LMC Financial Stewardship Team (Louis Kabamba, Tuyen Nguyen, Paola Sanchez, Mindi Hoover, and Paul Pearce) spend time together, we meditate on the Word of God, listen to the Holy Spirit, share what we hear, and then pray together. It has become apparent to us that the Holy Spirit has been actively working with LMC leaders. When we solicited advice from LMC bishops regarding financial giving, they provided clear guidance and informed us of their group’s decisions. One bishop stated, “We have resolved to give one-tenth of our income to the Lord through LMC.” Another remarked, “My church has not yet given, but we will.” Yet another shared, “We used to give but stopped for a while. However, we are now ready to give again.” These stories demonstrate that the Holy Spirit is working within all of us. We witnessed a beautiful scene at the Fall Leadership Assembly where leaders joyfully danced and walked up to the offering box. As we approach the season of joy and gratitude, let us reflect on the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

As a movement led by the Holy Spirit that mobilizes every member to be a missionary, LMC is passionate about providing missional resources to equip and train local and global churches. LMC’s role is to nurture, develop, and multiply new and revitalized congregations for God’s present and coming Kingdom. LMC is committed to supporting and enhancing leadership to increase effectiveness in ministry, providing quality training and enrichment opportunities for members and congregations, and fostering positive relational connections between congregations, districts, and geographies.

We invite you and your congregation to be active partners with us in this ongoing work through the financial support of LMC in 2024. We ask that you prayerfully consider a gift. Your generous support and prayers will help us positively impact the Church’s future for Kingdom purposes!


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Write checks to LMC at
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Set up automatic monthly giving at lmcchurches.org/donate

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If you have questions about other ways to support LMC, contact Mindi at mhoover@lmcchurches.org

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