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Steal My Show

by: Jackie Hibsmann But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?”  And God said, “I will be with you.” Exodus 3:11-12 If only we each received our direction or calling through a burning bush and the voice of God.  That is not how it happens for most people and definitely not for… Read More

Me…a pastor?

Pastor Kevin Dodge At the recent LMC Fall Leadership Assembly (2018), my friend and mentor Earl Yoder (Western Maryland district bishop) introduced me to several people as his pastor. I was taken aback by that introduction, as I often am when someone refers to me as a “pastor.” Why is that? I looked around the room that morning at the (mostly) men who had answered… Read More

Day by Day with God

By: Crystal Nguyen   In the 1980’s, the Vietnamese Mennonite Church in Philadelphia had about ten people. They met in a second floor room rented from the Second Mile Center every Sunday. The leader was pastor Quang Tran. Pastor Quang served as a missionary for Vietnamese people in Philadelphia and gradually more people joined the Sunday service.  The Vietnamese congregation moved to a bigger space… Read More

Human Sexuality Series

Weaverland Anabaptist Faith Community held a six-session sermon series on human sexuality in May and June. To listen to the sermon series press here. On June 2 and 16, as an extension of the six-week sermon series on human sexuality, Ken Nafziger, MD, presented two Sunday school sessions entitled “Making Sense of the Current Gender Debate.” Dr. Nafziger addressed the current cultural trends that are… Read More

Đất Ẩn Giấu

Người Viết Dan Ho Chúa chúng ta đã kể câu chuyện ngụ ngôn về người nông dân rải hạt giống trong Lu-ca 8:4-15 (Ma-thi-ơ 13:1-23; Mác 4:1-20). Chúa Jesus đã dùng ngụ ngôn này trong số những ngụ ngôn khác để dạy các môn đồ của Ngài về Nước Đức Chúa Trời. Chúa Jesus đã kể ngụ ngôn cho một đám đông lớn tụ tập.… Read More

The Hidden Soil

By Dan Ho Our Lord told the parable of the farmer scattering seed in Luke 8:4-15 (Matthew 13-1-23; Mark 4:1-20). Jesus used this parable among others to teach His disciples about the Kingdom of God.   Jesus told the parable to a large crowd that gathered. In the story, a farmer scattered seed. As he scattered the seed, some fell on the footpath, some among rocks,… Read More

LMC Mission:

The Conference Executive Council instituted a six-month process to revisit and possibly refresh the statement of LMC mission. The current mission and vision statements are twenty years old. Pastors will respond to a brief questionnaire to gather some current data on how leaders are seeing and understanding the direction of LMC into the future. A small team will then work with that data and bring… Read More

Revisiting The Triquis of Mexico

Lester A. Blank traveled to Mexico, October 15-21, 2018 with a small group including his sons, Nelson and Paul.  They visited the site of the Blank family ministry in the 1960s.  The Triquis are an indigenous group with villages located in the high ranges of the Sierra Madre Mountains in southern Mexico. The ministry, including others besides the Blanks, involved medical aid, teaching the Bible,… Read More

World Fellowship Sunday

As a participating group with Mennonite World Conference, LMC congregations have the opportunity to celebrate with congregations around the world.  The date for MWC Sunday was set to commemorate the first known Anabaptist re-baptisms in Zurich, Switzerland, January 21, 1525. Commemoration typically takes place on January 20 or 27, the two Sundays closest to January 21 this year. However, LMC staff suggests churches commemorate the… Read More

A Tale of Two Churches

Two rural/suburban congregations experiment with ways they can work together     By Robert Brody How does leadership respond when an aging congregation experiences long-term numeric decline?  What are the options? Close, merge, and restart are common strategies. Two congregations in close proximity to one another, although in two different districts, tackled this problem last year. One congregation reversed a downward spiral. The other has… Read More

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