New Ways of Worship – Giving

By Bishop Tuyen Nguyen & Paul Pearce, LMC Development Team

Every Sunday, or at least most Sundays, we take an offering (give money) as part of the Worship service. It may go towards missions, benevolence or just paying the bills.

“The offering is an act of worship, an instance in which we are invited to give up something that we value – our money – as a sacrifice to God. In many ways it is the high point of the liturgy.”   Mark Allen Powell, The Stewardship Bible p1614.

Have we considered the idea that whenever we give, not just on Sundays, that too is an expression of our Worship?  When we give either as individuals to our church and other ministries, or as a church body, whether the gift be large or small, we are indeed engaging in an act of worship.

One of the concerns that we have nowadays is the welfare of our children and grandchildren. I praise the Lord that all my children learned to tithe when they started to get a weekly allowance. Perhaps, they did that because they listened to their parents, and they still do that today. I think that they have a heart for worshiping the Lord. One of our daughters thought that whatever amount of money she received she would tithe. She tithed even when she got the loan for her college tuition!

Now we have five grandchildren. We have the same concern, but at this stage, it is not our responsibility to direct action, but for us to pray. The eldest of our grandchildren turned 10 this year and he wanted to have his birthday celebration in California with all the family members attending. Everyone was very happy with that decision, so they showered him with gifts and money on his birthday. Before he left to go back to the East Coast, he handed me 28 dollars and said, “Grandpa, this is one-half of my one-tenth tithe, please put this into mission work, I will put the other half to my home church.” I thought that was the best thing he ever said to me, even better than “I love you, Grandpa.” Of course, I said thanks and prayed for him. Deep down in my heart, I say thanks to the Lord because He is taking care of the next generation. I took the money, put it in a red envelope and plan to frame it. I replaced his money and sent a check to the church. The red envelope is still on my desk. I have not framed it yet. I want to get a title for the frame. Selecting a Bible verse among many blessing promises is not easy, because the Lord God is so generous with us.

We invite you to share in the work of LMC with a gift, either as individuals or as a church, not just to support the ministry, but also as an act of worship to God.

Hebrews 13:16 ESV “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”

“The Joy of Giving Lasts Longer Than the Joy of Getting”

Ways to Give

Write checks to LMC at:
P.O. Box 1635
Lancaster, PA 17608

Become a Monthly Partner
Set up automatic monthly giving at

Add LMC as part of your congregational giving plan
P.O. Box 1635
Lancaster, PA 17608

If you have questions about other ways to support LMC, contact Mindi at

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