STEP Year 3 Missional Experiment: A Song of Lament!?!

by Lynn Shertzer

Over the years, I’ve heard so many stories of the trepidation of the pinnacle assignment of the STEP Program. From my vantage point as an instructor, I watch as many students have little or no idea how to proceed with the Missional Experiment that is part of the year 3 curriculum. It appears as a huge mountain! This experiment has the elements of the Song of Lament. Where are you, O God in this experiment? Why have you left me all alone to do this experiment?

As students work through the assignment, I hear whispers of hope and how God has been working alongside them. By the end of Year 3, I hear praise for how God has worked in the process. Testimonies emerge of how students have developed their leadership skills and how they see the kingdom of God working outside the church’s walls. One of the most important awareness is that the results are up to God! This Missional Experiment is a gift to God, the student, and ultimately the church. Praise be to God for this beautiful transformation in our emerging leaders!

Lynn Shertzer teaches Preaching and Missional Experiment as a Year 3 Course Instructor. He has been teaching for STEP since its inception.

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