Better Together, equipped to lead alongside Jesus

Student Reflections (Year 2)

By Sammy White

I was led to join STEP after watching my husband go through the program in 2020. Seeing the transformation in his thinking, understanding, and relationship with Jesus made me excited to join. He began to lead our family in practicing the Spiritual Disciplines and grew in his listening and study skills. We knew we would be better equipped to lead alongside one another, having gone through the entire three years together. 

STEP has been a significant commitment, but certainly a fruit-filled one. Choosing to devote a portion of my week to homework and an entire Saturday a month to class has taken time from my young family, members of our congregation, and events in our community. That being said, I’ve noticed that the more time I devote to pray and meditate through the coursework, the more it benefits my life outside of STEP. I’ve become a better listener to the Spirit, my family, and my community. Clearly, the work, students, and instructors have been prayed over thoroughly. 

Many things have been impactful during these two years. Of those highest on the list are the dedication and care of the instructors, the hunger for Jesus’ Way from my classmates, and the tools given for teaching and listening. The focus on combining book learning with immediate practice has equipped me to serve in those areas more confidently. Before engaging in the courses, I felt a bit lost in navigating through the complex challenges of leading roles. Although there are still many questions to ask and complex problems, it has been a delight to walk alongside my cohort as we navigate many of these questions with the Lord. 

These years have been a part of God’s transforming work. I have discovered that I am passionate about teaching God’s word and have grown in confidence in the Holy Spirit’s guidance. A theme over these two years is that we minister first to God. As I serve others, my first and best service is to Him. One STEP assignment was to practice the Examen before serving. At this time, He made me aware of my desire to please certain people over Him. Through this practice and assignment, He emboldened me to hold fast to His Word in a new way while caring well for His people. The STEP program has been a gift to our family.

Sammi White is a stay-at-home mom and a co-pastor of Stroudsburg Community Fellowship alongside her husband. They are part of a home congregation in North East Pennsylvania. They have three young children. Sammi delights in building friendships in their city and encountering God’s presence in the seemingly ordinary moments of the day.
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