LMC’s MIssion for many Languages~Haitian Creole

Church of God Prince of Peace, Miami

By Bishop Hilaire Louis Jean

Church of God Prince of Peace began in 1998. Our mission is to seek souls for Jesus and to encourage and connect people to Jesus and to one another. The congregation provides

services in Haitian Creole for Haitian immigrants in the United States. They find encouragement, inspiration, and hope for their lives. Sunday school starts at 9:00 am and the worship service begins at 10:30 am. Join us at 210 NE 119 Street, Miami Florida 33161.

Since we are located in a multicultural area, the Church of God Prince of Peace offers four multilingual services each year. These services were canceled due to COVID-19 the last two years. However, we are planning a multilingual service for early 2022. Church of God Prince of Peace is convinced that no one should be born, live, and die without hearing the word of God. God called us to make disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ in communities where Jesus is least known.

Despite the difficult times, including COVID 19, the members are committed to a beautiful, new building project. We know that hard work brings good things to those who hustle. The journey has not been easy, but the Lord is faithful. Pray for us because we believe miracles happen.

Haitian Creole

A creole language is believed to arise from the simplifying and mixing of different languages into a new one within a fairly brief period of time. Typically adults develop a pidgin language as a second language for use in commerce or other purposes. When the pidgin language becomes the native and primary language of their children and becomes formalized, it is referred to as a creole. The pidgin to creole cycle was studied by American linguist Robert Hall in the 1960s. Like any language, creoles are characterized by a consistent system of grammar, possess large stable vocabularies, and are acquired by children as their native language. 
Linguists estimate 100 or so creole languages have arisen since 1500. Many of them emerged due to European colonialism and the Atlantic slave trade. Some of these are based on English or French. Other language roots include Arabic, Chinese, and Malay. Haitian Creole has the largest number of speakers with over ten million native speakers. Haitian Creole is based on French. Tok Pisin (pidgin talk), is the second-largest creole from Papua New Guinea, and it has a strong English root with about 5 million speakers.

Pictures clockwise: Pastor Hilarie Louis Jean preaching the Gospel at Church Prince of Peace in Miami, FL. Photos provided by Hilarie Louis Jean. Worship Service in the Church of God Prince of Peace building that is under construction. And, Outside the building of Church of God Prince of Peace in Miami, FL.

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