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One Mission, For Many Languages

Swahili at Stumptown by Keith Nyce “Come join us for dinner,” my friend said in broken English. Sitting down for dinner and having a basic understanding of the language can be interesting. You certainly have a nice evening, but at the end of the night, you wonder what exactly happened. At Stumptown Mennonite Church, God has blessed us by experiencing many cultures with about 6… Read More

One Mission, For Many Languages

The Move of God in Baltimore by EECB Elders The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Baltimore is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Believers from Ethiopia and Eritrea gather together in fellowship. We are affiliated with Meserete Kristos Church. Our worship is conducted in Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia. The church started in 1991 when a few believers met and formed a Bible study group.  Later the Lord… Read More

Excessive Happiness

by Steve Shank When I graduated from college in my early twenties, I was not really following Jesus. I knew about Jesus, but I wasn’t on fire for God until I connected with a group of believers that challenged and changed my life. There I met Jesus as a real person, and I was filled with the Holy Spirit. For me everything changed. I caught… Read More

A Spirit-led Movement’ Article Summary in Swhahili

Ningeelezea LMC kama harakati inayofuata Roho katika utume. Harakati ni chaguo la kuvutia la maneno. Harakati inamaanisha mabadiliko. Inamaanisha utetezi wa mabadiliko ambayo ni ya ukombozi na ya kubadilisha. Harakati inaonekana kama neno zuri kuelezea ushirika wetu wa makanisa. Maneno, “Kuongozwa na Roho,” katika taarifa ya ujumbe wa LMC hufanya sifa muhimu. Kama Matendo 1: 4-5 inavyoonyesha, utume wa Mungu unahitaji ujazo na uwezeshwaji wa… Read More

A Spirit-led Movement’ Article Summary in Amharic

ኤል.ኤም.ሲን በተልእኮ ውስጥ መንፈስን እንደሚከተል እንቅስቃሴ እገልጻለሁ ፡፡ እንቅስቃሴ አስደሳች የቃላት ምርጫ ነው ፡፡ እንቅስቃሴ ለውጥን ያመለክታል ፡፡ ቤዛ እና ለውጥ የሚያስገኝ የለውጥ ተሟጋችነትን የሚያመለክት ነው ፡፡ እንቅስቃሴ የቤተክርስቲያናትን ህብረት ለመግለፅ ጥሩ ቃል ​​ይመስላል። በኤል.ኤም.ሲ ተልእኮ መግለጫ ውስጥ “በመንፈስ መሪነት” የሚለው ሐረግ አስፈላጊ ብቃትን ይሰጣል ፡፡ እንደ ሥራ 1: 4-5 እንደሚያመለክተው የእግዚአብሔር ተልእኮ የመንፈስ ቅዱስን መሙላት እና ኃይልን ይጠይቃል ፡፡ ይህ ሐረግ “በመንፈስ መሪነት የሚደረግ… Read More

A Spirit-led Movement

By Keith Weaver In 2019 at our Celebration of Church Life, I led a workshop where I described the growing geographic footprint of LMC. Someone asked the question, “Keith, are we an area conference, or is LMC a denomination, or are we a fellowship of churches?” After fumbling around and not really answering the question, Richard Showalter, who was in the audience, helped me out… Read More

FREE WORKSHOPS For Congregations Supporting Survivors & Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

PROGRAMS FOR CHURCHES Protecting children and offering genuine support to survivors of sexual violence is a part of any healthy church community. Faith communities can be part of the healing process when they understand the dynamics and know how to respond. The programs below were developed to help churches in this mission.   For: The Congregation, Sunday School Classes, Youth Groups, and more Cost: FREE  There is… Read More

January 2021 LMC Virtual Prayer Gathering

LMC Virtual Prayer Gathering January 04, 2021 at 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting HERE Meeting ID: 881 7781 8827 Passcode: Prayer  

STEP Graduation ~ Class 2020

The postponed graduation for the 2020 STEP class took place on October 10, 2020 at Slate Hill Mennonite Church. Ten students received their LMC certificates of completion. Graduates were David Buch, Jeremy Chubb,  Debra Gates, Stephen Jaynes, Jonathon Martin, Mert Maust, Robert Sacks (not pictured), David Torres (not pictured), Dan White, and Micah Zeiset.

2020 LMC Giving for Growth

  To contribute to 2020 LMC Giving for Growth visit or click here.  

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