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STEP Graduation ~ Class 2020

The postponed graduation for the 2020 STEP class took place on October 10, 2020 at Slate Hill Mennonite Church. Ten students received their LMC certificates of completion. Graduates were David Buch, Jeremy Chubb,  Debra Gates, Stephen Jaynes, Jonathon Martin, Mert Maust, Robert Sacks (not pictured), David Torres (not pictured), Dan White, and Micah Zeiset.

2020 LMC Giving for Growth

  To contribute to 2020 LMC Giving for Growth visit or click here.  

Lancaster, Lititz, and Mellinger Districts become Conestoga River District

Conestoga River District of LMC The Mellinger, Lancaster, and Lititz Districts have decided to become one new district, called the Conestoga River District. After several years of working together, the pastors and the 13 congregations of the Mellinger, Lancaster, and Lititz Districts have officially joined together into one new district. If you are interested in more background a one-page summary of the history and reasons… Read More


LMC-ACC Meeting: In May, leaders from LMC met with ACC leadership to continue work on building relationships between the two groups.  LMC-MC USA Meeting: In June for the third year in a row, Keith Weaver, LMC moderator, and other LMC leaders met with a group of MC USA leaders. The gathering continues a process put in place by Ervin Stutzman as LMC was leaving MC… Read More


  An Evening of worship for young adults and high school students at Mellinger Mennonite Church on the First Thursday of each month starting at 7:30 pm. This evening is intended for but is not limited to, high school students and young adults. Please feel free to share this with your church and young adult pastors. Our mission statement is: “Our vision is to bring… Read More

STEP graduation

The STEP class of 2020 graduated on May 16.  The Celebration, however, was postponed until October 10 at 4:00 pm at Slate Hill Mennonite Chruch, 1352 Slate Hill Rd. Camp Hill, PA.

Discovery in Spanish

Following interest from CIES (Shalom Council), a team began work on translating the Discovery Course into Spanish. Peter Cook, Susan Hochstedler, Alexis Roman, Brinton Rutherford, and Daniel Sanchez are navigating the effort.

Child Protection Reminder and in Swahili

Child Protection in Swahili Following a Child Protection Seminar at RiversEdge Fellowship, the congregation arranged for the presentation to be translated into Swahili for better understanding within the Congolese congregation. This follows the translation of child protection materials into Spanish. Reminder Child Protection Team are encouraged to keep their policies up to date and in force.  Keep all personnel checks within the five-year window.  Execute… Read More

Zoom Prayer

ZOOM Prayer: Because of Covid-19, LMC moved its scheduled prayer gatherings to ZOOM. The first Monday of the Month prayer group has now met twice by ZOOM. The quarterly Multiplication prayer group met in July by ZOOM and plans for the October 15 prayer meeting to gather by ZOOM.

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