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LMC Governing Structures

In the February Bishop Board meeting as part of a structure overhaul, Bishops looked at a proposal from the Governance/Structure.  Bishops participated in a one-day workshop looking at spiritual gifts.  New structures must make use of the full range of APEST gifts (apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd, teacher) among us in order to organize around our mission/vision.

Call: a Journey, not an Event

by: Keyla Flores I am from Honduras, Central America. I work as a missionary for the Shalom Council of Evangelical Churches (CIES) in Huatabampo, Sonora, Mexico. God called me to missions at 12 years old during a service at my elementary school in Honduras. Understanding God’s call on my life has been a process. As a youth, I struggled to stay focused on God’s call… Read More

Mission Statement

In 2019 LMC leadership worked to update the prior mission statement from 2001.  The new statement appears inside the front cover of the Shalom News Magazine in October-December 2020.  The fall Leadership Assembly in 2019 worked on this revision process, and the Leadership Assembly this past September further processed this statement. A Spirit-led movement: to make disciples of Jesus. to mobilize every member as a… Read More

Learning from Leader Survey

We identified the following themes in the responses from the leader survey taken in the Spring in response to changes from Covid-19. Congregations moved from expressions of “Sunday-centered church” to “life-centered church” (centralization to decentralization). Congregations responded with nimbleness and the ability to adapt as we need to do so. Some congregations were wrestling with core changes before the pandemic and are seeing this as… Read More

Great Lakes East and West District of LMC

By Jim Sutton In the spring of 2016, pastors from at least a dozen congregations who left  Mennonite Church USA began meeting and praying together. They were all without a denominational home and had no desire to function as “independent congregations.” Several options were available and were being explored. In response to invitations, Keith Weaver and Dale Stoltzfus visited several congregations, invited a few joint… Read More

The Hard Part is the Journey

By Ashley Litwiller I have spent a solid portion of my life in or beside the water. I have some bad memories related to it. I had a cousin named Jonah who almost drowned. One of my first relationships ended beside the water.  And I feel the frustration of never learning the art of slalom skiing. On the positive side and perhaps more importantly, water… Read More


Celebration of Church Life 2020

By Brinton Rutherford.   Despite months of planning and an incredible team, COVID 19 required the cancelation of Celebration of Church life in April of 2020. In these pages, you receive a brief introduction to what would have happened with website links to handout materials and summaries of the speaker content, which also can be watched in their entirety online at the LMC website or… Read More


Are you caring, compassionate & dependable? We’re looking for Caregivers, and we are hiring! Landis at Home is a growing home care service of Landis Communities providing individualized support by caregivers with servant hearts for adults who live in their homes, a senior community, or elsewhere. We: Provide on the job training and supervision by Registered Nurses Offer flexible hours, competitive wages, and a positive… Read More

On Being a Watchman

by Raquel Rivera “As each night watch begins, get up and cry out in prayer. Pour your heart out face-to-face with the Master.”   —Lamentations 2:19  Our second son, Judah, was born at the start of a global pandemic. As for many living in the United States, our daily way of living was put on pause and our calendar plans were stomped on. The quarantine bummed… Read More

Birthing Something New

Growing closer to Jesus during quarantine by Joshua Rivera On Monday, March 9th, 2020, at 9:37 in the morning, Raquel gave birth to our second son, Judah, in the peace and comfort of our own home. Raquel and I serve in a co-pastor role at Bethlehem Community Fellowship. As the due date approached, we spoke with church leadership about taking four weeks away from ministry… Read More

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