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Dwelling in the Word Text for 2020

LMC has chosen a Dwelling in the Word text for 2020. The practice has been to allow the text to form and shape LMC members as individuals and as a conference. Acts 1:1-14 in English and Español has been affirmed as the Dwelling in the Word text for this year. Acts 1:7-8    7He said to them: “It is not for you to know the… Read More

Franklin District of LMC

by:  Allen Lehman Franklin District of LMC is still getting used to its new name. We were Franklin Conference for many years, but now we have joined forces with LMC, hoping that together we can do a lot more damage to the dominion of darkness. We still have much of the organizational apparatus in place. We have an annual meeting for inspiration and encouragement, a… Read More

Neglectful and Needy 

Author: Sherri M. Scripture/song/image: 1 Corinthians 12:21 NIV Reflections: Confession – social distancing is easy for me. Truth be told, I’m quite happy alone for long periods of time. Content in my rich inner world. So much so, that I can neglect people and things close to me. It is a weakness I need to guard against. Take my orchid plants. Both gifts, given in love. For many months,… Read More

Revelation, Prayer, Healing and Provision 

By Deacon Chantal Kabamba At the Evangelical Center for Revival, we believe in the power of prayer and the command  given to us from our Lord in Colossians 4:2, “Devote yourselves in prayer, being watchful and thankful” (NIV). We have two intercession teams within the church that meet twice a week on a prayer chain. These two prayer groups intercede for the needs of the… Read More

Prier dans la Vision (French)

Par Ancienne Fernande Mbenza-Ngoma  Le prophète Élie illustre l’histoire de notre église avec la révélation de la prophétie selon laquelle la pluie allait arriver après 2 ans et demi de sécheresse (1 Rois 18 : 1). Une graine de l’église a été plantée en 1999, mais ce n’est que 20 ans plus tard, que la foi s’est matérialisée afin que beaucoup puissent témoigner que le… Read More

Praying in the Vision

A vibrant French-speaking congregation takes root in Central Pennsylvania by Elder Fernande Mbenza-Ngoma  The Prophet Elijah illustrates our church’s story with the revelation of the prophecy that rain was about to come after 2½ years of drought (1 Kings 18:1). A seed of the church was planted in 1999, but only 20 years later did faith materialize so that many can testify that the Lord… Read More

Ways to Respond to the COVID-19 as followers of Christ

LMC is a fellowship of Anabaptist churches with a Spirit-led movement to make disciples of Jesus, mobilize every member as a missionary, and multiply faith communities locally and beyond! The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world. As followers of Jesus, we are called to respond proactively with the Love of God. Actions to consider: Urge everyone to engage in corporate intercession and fasting while social… Read More

Celebration of Church Life 2020~Update!

A followup Message from LMC With careful consideration, the four major addresses planned for Celebration of Church Life will be recorded, posted on Youtube, and links supplied on the LMC Website and Facebook page by April 7, 2020. This will include the two addresses by Glenn Kauffman, Keith Weaver’s State of LMC, and the Youth Address by Keith Nyce. The presentations will be recorded, not… Read More

Training Emerging Leaders and Discipling Children with Vacation Bible School

by Lam Nguyen In July 2019, the youth of four LMC churches collaborated to deliver a Vacation Bible School for Lancaster city children. It was an amazing success. Fifty middle school and high school youth from Habecker Mennonite Church, Lititz Mennonite Church, RiversEdge Fellowship, and Crossroads Mennonite Church worked together to plan and run the entire VBS for 65 children in southeast Lancaster city and… Read More

Process of “Becoming”… it comes at a cost.

By Sandra Roman The process of becoming, whether professional or spiritual development, requires a paradigm shift. All transformation comes at a cost. The seed, Christ Jesus, had to die for there to be a spiritual plant that produces a spiritual harvest. The process of breaking new ground and sowing seeds as servants to the Kingdom of God for the gathering of the harvest is a… Read More

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