33% Discount for Winter Term TiM Classes

In order to promote increased leader self-care and congregational care in this time of stress, Rosedale Bible College is offering a 33% discount for the winter term Training in Ministry classes. RBC has received grant money that makes it possible to offer the two winter term courses for $600 each. The discount is available to the first 20 students who sign up for either of the following courses.
Wheaton College notes that
As COVID-19 brings forth a new level of stress and uncertainty to the world, pastors and Christian Leaders are stepping into a whole new level of caring for their churches and communities. But to care for others well during this season of COVID-19 will require us to learn how to care for ourselves at the same time.”

Winter Courses:

Caring for the Congregation & Leader Self-Care.

For more information contact
Brinton at brutherford@lmcchurches.org
This discount would be in addition to an LMC Leadership Education grant if applied for by January 15, 2021.

Classes begin the week of January 4th.

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