Anabaptist Spirituality Reading Group

What can we learn from the early Anabaptists about our relationship with God, following Jesus, and life in the Spirit?

We will meet every two weeks for five weeks to discuss Arnold Snyder’s Following in the Footsteps of Christ, as well as other material. There will be two reading groups. The first will meet on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 starting March 8th, the second on Thursday mornings at 10:30 starting march 10th. You can come in person or take part by Zoom. In-person meetings will be at Hub 450 (450 N. Prince Street, Lancaster, PA).

You will need to purchase Snyder’s book and have it ready. The other readings will be given to you (see below). To sign up contact William Higgins at or call 717 293-5246 ext. 121. Please register by March 1st.

This educational opportunity is offered to you based on the generous giving of LMC churches to the ministries of LMC. A $20 dollar donation is requested (from those who can) toward the STEP scholarship fund to train current and future leaders/pastors for LMC. William Higgins (Ph.D.) will lead our time together. He is on staff with LMC in the area of theological education and Anabaptist Christian identity formation. He is also an associate pastor at New Danville Mennonite Church.

Session 1 Readings: (March 8/10)

  • Snyder, Following in the Footsteps of Christ, Chapter 1 – Anabaptist spirituality in historical perspective
  • Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective, Article 18: Christian Spirituality
  • Article – Stephen Dintaman – “The spiritual poverty of the Anabaptist vision

Session 2 Readings: (March 22/24)

  • Snyder, Chapter 2 – The human condition: Coming to a knowledge of the truth
  • Snyder, Chapter 3 – Renewed by the power of God: The new birth
  • Short readings from Biblical Concordance of the Swiss Brethren: “Fear of God” (pp. 1-2), “Repentance” (pp. 3-6), “Pride” (pp. 52-53), “God is not a respecter of persons” (pp. 64-67), “Rebirth” (pp. 9-10), “Faith” (pp. 12-14), “Spirit” (p. 16),  “The kingdom of God does not consist of words” (pp. 67-68)

Session 3 Readings: (April 5/7)

  • Snyder, Chapter 4 – The baptism of water: The covenant of a good conscience
  • Snyder, Chapter 5 – The body of Christ
  • Ausbund songs: #36 – Annelein of Freiberg (or Ursula); #109 – Hans Betz; #82 – Michael Schneider (or Sattler)
  • Optional reading: Malcom Yarnell, Anabaptist Spirituality, pp.  151-162

Session 4 Readings: (April 19/21)

  • Snyder, Chapter 6 – Anabaptist spiritual disciplines
  • Snyder, Chapter 7 – Discipleship: Following after Christ
  • Martyrs Mirror prayers and testimonies: Prayer of Walter of Stoelwijck (p. 464); Gillis and Elizabeth (p. 502-503); Letter by Adriaen Pan – 1559 (p. 619); A prayer by Maeyken Van Deventer (p. 979); Maeyken Wens letter October 6, 1573 (p. 981)
  • Optional reading: Malcom Yarnell, Anabaptist Spirituality, pp. 163-175

Session 5 Readings: (May 3/5)

  • Snyder, Chapter 8 – Martyrdom: The baptism of blood
  • Snyder, Chapter 9 – Anabaptism today

Prayer Book for Earnest Christians: In remembrance of certain things (pp. 86-87); Yet another short morning prayer (p. 104); Another short evening prayer (p. 105); The fifth prayer for various people suffering afflictions (pp. 39-40)

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