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Confession belongs in Worship

In 2021, ILM began encouraging LMC congregations to normalize talking about culture, race, and other ways of unconsciously rejecting one another. During these gatherings of worship, participants will be invited to share their thoughts and begin to consider how we receive, accept, and adapt to one another within our congregations.

  1. Making Space for Truth-telling and Confession in Worship
  2. Exploring Our Congregation’s History with Neighbors
  3. Exploring Our Congregation’s History on the Land
  4. Addressing Race and Caste in Worship
  5. Addressing Sexism in Worship
  6. Addressing Sins of Racism and Sexism in Worship

To invite Karl to share these topics with your leadership or congregation or for more information, contact Karl McKinney at or call at (717)293-5246.

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