For Congregations

Before We Gather

by: Brotherhood Mutual

As your ministry safely gathers together, you need a game plan. Prepare now with these helpful resources from Brotherhood Mutual.

  • Navigating the new normal of worship services
  • Communicating your plan to the congregation
  • Facilitating online giving
  • Planning to deep clean and disinfect your building
  • Preparing for children’s ministry

To read more visit Before We Gather-Brotherhood Mutual

Mobilization Resources

As we travel further on this COVID 19 journey, we are aware that more people will need resourcing of various types.  Provided are two forms that congregations are welcome to customize for their own use. These forms should not be returned to the LMC office, rather congregations may want to consider appointing a point person to receive the information and disseminate the resources available.

Our goal is that churches would customize them for their own use. These forms would be for the congregations to be able to use them. They need to be submitted directly to the church and then the church works to meet the needs.

I need assistance (PDF form)

I am available to meet a need (PDF form)



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