Interpreting Scripture with Jesus at the Center

How we approach Scripture has a large impact on what we get out of it. We will look at the specifics of how to interpret a passage, but most of the class will be on the often hidden general theological assumptions we bring to Scripture. Our goal will be to identify these and then test them by Scripture itself. As a part of this we will look at how the early Anabaptists approached Scripture.

We will meet 6:30-8:05 PM on Tuesdays for six sessions starting September 27th. You can attend by Zoom or in person at Hub 450 (450 N. Prince Street, Lancaster, PA). To sign up contact William Higgins at or call 717 293-5246, ext. 121. Please register by September 20th.

Class 1: September 27

  • Brief overview of early Anabaptist views as well as their love of Scripture
  • A question: Did they practice “communal hermeneutics?”

Class 2: October 4

  • The spirituality of interpreting Scripture
  • The literal sense of Scripture; the accessibility of the message of Scripture

Class 3: October 11

  • The grammatical-historical method: Mark 8:22-26
  • Non-literal meanings? Mark 8:22-26

Class 4: October 18

  • The canon of Scripture; learning the larger story of Scripture
  • Jesus at the center (part 1): Jesus’ life story; typology

[William will be away in Tanzania – October 19- November 3]

Class 5: November 8

  • Jesus at the center (part 2): Jesus’ teaching
  • A debate over Matthew 5:33-37 on swearing oaths – Michael Sattler vs. John Calvin

Class 6: November 15

  • Application: Reading Scripture for discipleship
  • Who decides the right interpretation?

This educational opportunity is offered to you based on the generous giving of LMC churches to the ministries of LMC. A $20 donation is requested (from those who can) toward the STEP scholarship fund to train current and future leaders/pastors for LMC. William Higgins (PhD) will lead our time together. He is on staff with LMC providing training and enrichment opportunities for disciples and leaders. He is also a mission worker for EMM traveling overseas to teach in our partner churches.  

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