Prayer of Imagination Handout/Folleto de la Oración de la Imaginación

Prayer of Imagination Handout (PDF)

Folleto de Oración de la Imaginación (PDF)

Prayer of Imagination/Prayer of the Senses
Laurie Mellinger, Celebration of Church Life
March 20, 2021

I. Introduction
II. Praying with the Imagination: A Brief History of the Practice

            A. Imagination:


            B. Ignatius Loyola:


            C. ‘Imagining ourselves in the story’:


             D. The goal:


III. Preparation


            A. The Word


           B. Our bodies… posture, and senses


           C. Our spirits


IV. Practice


V. Remember, record, repeat—and resources


           A. Was your experience in the story in keeping with the truth Scripture teaches?



           B. How were you drawn into the story? Did you experience any resistance or pushback from the story?



          C. What was Jesus like in the story? How were you relating to him?



           D. What moved you? What surprised you?



           E. What do you want now? What is God’s message or invitation for you in this story?



           F. Resources: many books and websites devoted to prayer of imagination/prayer of the senses (especially


VI. Closing













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