Pursue Justice

Jesus called disciples to himself,

“Follow me and I will make you fishers of people.”

Christendom has brought us to the current moment of hyper-white nationalism. Where we are is where we are supposed to be considering the trajectory we have been following for almost a millennia. Often, white Christians want to stop the conversation when we conduct our analysis of the fruit of Christendom. This serves or as an attempt to keep Christendom intact and in power and in control. Nevertheless, it does not serve as an admission of that trajectory and the harm that it has been and continues to produce in creation. See Jennings, (c) 2010

•Uncovering & Telling the Stories of the People, the Land, Race, and Christianity 

  1. See, “Race, Faith & Community,” lecture by William James Jennings, PhD., Yale Divinity School, @ Louisville Seminary on 10/13/2015. Accessed online on 11/25/2021. https://youtu.be/H83b4TLLjUI

  ~Tools for the Task: Uncover the History of the Land on which Your Meetingplace, Organization, Business, Farm Sits
  ~How to Uncover the History of Race and Space in Our County, City, and State
  ~Sharing these Stories with One Another

•Following Christ’s Commissions 
~Receive Forgiveness of Sins and Forgive One Another 
~Follow Christ Daily 
~Love One Another 
~Love Your Neighbor, Love Your Enemies 
~Proclaim God’s Good News Everywhere with Everyone 
~Scheme and Do Good Works

•Facing Our History of Injustice & Unrighteousness 

•Telling the Truth in Love

•Pursuing Justice

•Dismantling Race & White Supremacy

•Dismantling Caste

•Dismantling Sexism

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