The art of neighboring during COVID-19

…webinar recording, toolkit, and more.

Hello Pastors, Church Leaders, and Webinar Friends,

We had the wonderful privilege of having Dave Runyon, author of The Art of Neighboring, and some incredible ministry leaders on our Webinar yesterday on Loving Your Neighbors and Community during the COVID-19 Crisis.

Here are some follow-up resources for you all:

1. Webinar Recording: How You Can Love Your Neighbor and Community: Click here to watch this encouraging and inspiring video of the Webinar.

2. Art of Neighboring Resources: Click here to access some great resources for you and your church family. And, click here to order the book. 

3. COVID-19 Neighboring Toolkit: Click here to download this helpful toolkit.

4. Blessings of Hope: In April so far, Blessings of Hope has distributed 1,441,292 lbs. of food! This equates to 36,032 40lb boxes of food! (A little over 33 semi truckloads of food.) Please learn more about how your church can be a food distribution site or how you can distribute food to those in your neighborhood. Click here to learn more. 

5. Love INC: Learn more about how you can get involved in serving vulnerable individuals in your communities who have various tangible needs. Click here to learn more.

6. Water Street Mission: On our call, Jack Crowley, president of WSM, asked for specific prayer for him and his staff who are on the front lines and are weary from caring for the many needs of their community on a skeleton staff. Please keep them and other homeless missions in prayer and look for ways to help. Click here to learn more about WSM.

7. Today’s Worldview Webinar: Today, April 15th, at noon we have the honor of having Joseph Backholm from the Colson Center, creator and host of “What Would You Say?”, talk about having a Biblical worldview, how to apply it, and why it matters. Click here to register for this exciting Webinar.  All should join this webinar – especially the next generation – and pastors and church leaders who want to help train their congregants on “What Would You Say?”

In Christ,

Kurt Weaver
Director of the Church Ambassador Network
Pennsylvania Family Institute

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