Celebration of Church Life/Celebracion de la Vida de la Iglesia 2021


Celebration of Church Life Promo (English and Spanish)

Plenary Keith Weaver State of LMC 2021 (English with Spanish subtitles)

Second LMC Plenary Speaker, Pastor Desalegn Abebe from KMC  (English with English subtitles)

AAILT Treport  & LMC Intercultural Competency and Racial ReconciliationReport (English with Spanish subtitles)

Governance & Structure Task Force CCL Report by Conrad Kanagy

LMC ~ EMM Collaboration Report of Discussions by Gerry Keener, Daryl Weaver, Marcia Mylin, and Marvin Lorenzana  (English with Spanish subtitle)

LMC resource partner organizations Virtual Tables 2021 (English)

CCL Spotlight with Lia Kauffman interviewing Bishop Glenn Kauffman (English)

Seminars ~ Seminarios

# 1 God’s Gift of Imaginative Prayer (Laurie Mellinger)

# 2 Profetas de Revolución: Historia del Anabautismo  (Samuel López)

# 3 Praying with Color  (Kristina Denlinger)

# 4 Sharing with the new EMM President (Marvin Lorenzana)

# 5 Lectio Divina: Praying with Scripture  (Yvonne Garber & Myron Miller)

# 6 Teología Anabautista: de la Palabra al Hecho (Adalberto Santiago)

# 7 Prophetic Prayer  (Troy & Michelle Landis)

# 8 Renewed: Woven and Connected by God’s Love (Hyacinth Stevens)


Children’s Devotional PDF
Strengthen Your Stakes

  Youth Devotional PDF
ccl youth devotional readings



CCL booklet 2021(PDF)

resource partner organization reports (PDF)




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