International Partner Delegate Resourcing Day

LMC Churches 450 N Prince St., Lancaster, PA, United States

We are eagerly anticipating our LMC International Partner Delegate resourcing day at LMC/EMM offices next Thursday January 19.  We welcome you from 8:30-4:00 pm but we understand if your schedule only allows you to join us part of the day.  Coffee and light breakfast items will be available as you arrive and lunch will also be served.  LMC/EMM offices are located at (Hub 450)... 450 North Prince Street, Lancaster.   We will be meeting on the… Read More

Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday

Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday is an annual event for MWC member congregations around the world, worshipping together in spirit using the same worship resources, knowing that we belong to each other in this global family of faith. Plan for your congregation to participate in Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday in 2023. Each year, Anabaptist-related churches around the world are encouraged to worship around a common theme… Read More

No Longer Alone Family Support Group

Landis Communities 1001 E Oregon Rd, Lititz, PA, United States

The No Longer Alone Family Support Group, now supported by Landis Communities, will continue to meet the fourth Sunday of the month. The program for January will be the Hope Always Video Series: “The Problem of Suicide” and “A Biblical Worldview of Suicide” by Dr. Matthew Sleeth, MD; Author, teacher and former ER physician. The video will be followed by discussion and a time of sharing.  The… Read More


LMC Women’s Prayer Gathering

LMC Churches 450 N Prince St., Lancaster, PA, United States

Woman's praying group We invite you to come and pray with us about LMC.  For more information contact Marcia Mylin at (717)293-5246 ext. 114

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