Habecker Mennonite Church

DISTRICT: Landisville-Manor

LOCATION: 451 Habecker Church Road, Lancaster, Pa. 17603




PASTORS: Chris and Dawn Landes

Habecker Mennonite Church was established in the 1700’s by young immigrant farming families looking for a community of peace and faith. Today that spirit continues as Habecker is now an intercultural congregation of about three-fourths native Karen speakers and one-fourth native English speakers who worship their One God together in two languages. Our focus is on welcoming those who come and sharing our faith and gifts.

The Karen, originally from Myanmar/Burma, began coming to Lancaster around 2008 from refugee camps in Thailand. They brought with them their gifts of hospitality, singing, gardening and weaving, which fit so well with the Habecker members who hosted the first Karen families. Sewing circle is a busy place each month where old and young alike speak a common language of love, making comforters and kits to send to people in need around the world through Mennonite Central Committee.

Weekly gatherings include Sunday school and worship as well as afternoon thanksgiving services in different homes, celebrating birthdays or other significant milestones in the community. Of course those gatherings are not complete without a meal of cake, noodles and rice!

There are many opportunities to get involved in cross-cultural ministry at Habecker. It’s a great place to build friendships, help with homework, teach English, share Bible stories with children, play soccer with the youth, drive people to appointments, or teach them how to drive! The children would also love more people to help organize activities.

Check out our website at www.habeckerchurch.com to learn more.

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