Blough Mennonite Church

DISTRICT: Western Maryland

LOCATION: 794 Woodstown Hwy., Hollsopple, PA 15935




PASTOR: Eric Lasure

Blough Mennonite Church was the first Mennonite church established in the Johnstown area. We are excited to be part of the Western Maryland District and LMC, and look forward to meeting new people. One of the most common comments we hear from the community around the church is, “My child (or grandchild) went to your daycare, and they loved the staff, who really touched their lives.”

To fulfill our missional vision, we do activities in the community to interact with people. We desire to know our neighbors personally and to introduce Blough to them first hand. We want people to meet Jesus through us. So we donate to the food pantries and to individual families in need. We also donate the use of our building and pavilion for public use to numerous organizations.

A few years ago, an elderly woman in our church received blood transfusions every month. Then because her condition changed, the transfusions increased to every two weeks, and then finally every week. She asked for the Pastor to come and anoint her along with the elders and her friends and family. She was anointed and the group prayed for her. In that moment, God heard the prayers and honored the anointing. As a result, she did not need another blood transfusion for a year. Praise the Lord!

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