Goodville Mennonite Church

DISTRICT: Weaverland-NE PA

LOCATION: 1556 Main Street, Goodville, PA 17581



WORSHIP SERVICE: Sunday School – 9:00 a.m.; Worship Service – 10:00 a.m.







PASTORS: Bruce Sauder (lead pastor), Kelly Martin (associate pastor)

Goodville Mennonite Church worships together in Goodville, PA. We’re right along Route 23 in the middle of town. We consider ourselves a church family, young and old alike. Our two pastors and deacon serve the church part time. They work through the week in construction and diesel mechanics. Most of our members and regular attenders come from surrounding communities. We gather from the nearby Weaverland valley, as well as the town of Terre Hill, and other local communities.

We believe in God as the highest authority, and trust in Jesus Christ who died for our sins because of God’s love for everyone. We take our understanding of God from the Bible. Sunday school provides an informal time to connect with friends, drink coffee, and laugh together. The worship service is a relaxed, traditional style that includes singing, sharing, prayer requests, an opportunity to give in an offering, and a sermon.

As a small church, we can get everyone involved in church life. People of all ages are involved in the service. From ushering to sound system work to worship and announcements, all ages can be a part of the service. We have sermon introductions that include the elementary age children answering questions, coloring pictures, and enjoying a treat. Our worship leaders range in age from High school to retirement. We work well together, and guests often comment on the friendly environment.

We desire to share the good news of Christ in our local communities. We see ourselves called to sharing Christ with families through both spiritual witness and practical help. We serve people in Goodville one family at a time. Community members in need receive care baskets. We send out a quarterly newsletter with a “Notes From the Pastor” column. This newsletter gives a word of encouragement and notices of upcoming events. We host a week long Bible School for kids each year and an easter egg hunt that’s started by the siren of a local police cruiser. We have also hosted one-time events like a “family fun day” complete with a bounce house. Additionally, we are considering opportunities to partner with community organizations. A representative from CrossNet—a local organization that works with churches to meet social and spiritual needs in the surrounding community—spoke at our Sunday morning service and helped us identify ways we can better serve the community. We work with Love INC, an organization that connects individual needs in a local family to resources in a local congregations.

We would love to have you visit. Everyone is welcome to worship with us. You can park anywhere in the lot. Enter through the doors at the back of the church, and go up the wide steps for the worship service. Grab a seat in any pew. If you decide to come to Sunday school, enter through the doors at the back and go down the small flight of steps. Hope to see you there!

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