True Vine Tabernacle

DISTRICT: Eastern Ohio
LOCATION: 54365 Independence Street, Elkhart, IN




PASTORS: Nancy Rodriguez Lora and Juan Carlos Lora


True Vine Tabernacle is a body of believers from many walks of life and different cultures growing and healing as one in Christ. We are passionate and loving. As a congregation, we embrace opportunities to do the work of the Lord in ministry to a multicultural people in a broken world. Young adults who are on fire for the Lord and unafraid to stand for Christ are joining us. Soon a new sanctuary will expand our worship space, and the current worship space will be remodeled for classrooms. We are truly blessed.

Because we are a people of prayer, we hold a prayer service every Friday night, and we believe it is the most important service of the week. We are a people who know how to call on the name of the Lord. We have witnessed miracles of healing, restoration and reconciliation. We also emphasize worship and expect the Holy Spirit to move and minister among us.

Our local community in Elkhart feels welcomed by us, and we are available to serve and support those in need in our community. Some of our members walk the neighborhood ministering to needs and praying with individuals and families throughout the week. Others work and volunteer in the homeless shelter. Some members hold home Bible studies with neighbors and friends.

In our attempt to be attentive to God’s voice and the Holy Spirit’s direction through prayer, a young woman from Africa connected with us. She is in the midst of a major crisis in her life. She came to the United States with hopes of a better future, but she experienced abuse from friends of her family with whom she was staying. She left to live with a cousin here in Goshen, but experienced more hurt and trouble. This young lady visited our church with her cousin, who really wants to help, but the cousin is a college student with financial limits. With tears, she shared her story of hurt, which included pregnancy and no place to live. A couple in our congregation, who had been praying about ways to minister to community, learned about this woman. They felt led to host her with acceptance and joy. They will help her until she is able to become more independent. This is one example of the heart of True Vine members.

As a congregation, we focus on discipling and mentoring individuals and families. As leaders, we work to expand our ministry. We started a series of workshops for women, for marriages, and for men in order to encourage growth and spiritual maturity. We want to make disciples who are able to share the Good News of Christ to all those around us. We continue to focus on evangelism and reaching those our society says are unreachable.

Check out our website at to learn more.

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