World Fellowship Sunday

As a participating group with Mennonite World Conference, LMC congregations have the opportunity to celebrate with congregations around the world.  The date for MWC Sunday was set to commemorate the first known Anabaptist re-baptisms in Zurich, Switzerland, January 21, 1525. Commemoration typically takes place on January 20 or 27, the two Sundays closest to January 21 this year. However, LMC staff suggests churches commemorate the day as a fellowship on July 14 for 2019. Part of our participation in MWC requires a Fair Share Commitment to MWC in 2019 of $60,000. LMC staff encourage congregations to take an offering for MWC as part of the global celebration and forward it on to MWC as an LMC contribution. Bishop and pastors received a packet of material from MWC to aid in the planning of World Fellowship Sunday. Pastors are asked to facilitate this commemoration in order to build the relational connection between LMC congregations and the global Anabaptist community.

LMC staff suggest the following options for participation:

  1.  Congregational pulpit announcement, bulletin notice, and special offering to MWC.
  2.  Portion of service—10-15 minutes—to highlight the Global Anabaptist Church. The focus for 2019 is Latin America and the Caribbean. LMC has churches in both areas, and special offering to MWC.
  3.  Special service using the worship resources provided by MWC and developed by leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean. LMC has churches in both areas. Special offering to MWC.
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