LMC traveled to Ethiopia

A group from LMC traveled to Ethiopia for a 10 day trip on August 27th to September 6th to the Meserete Kristos College.
The purpose of the trip is to represent the spiritual fathers Holy Spirit used to birth MKC and to establish a relationship in our generation that honors that legacy. To learn from MKC leaders what God will impart to the group for us to carry home to the USA and impart into LMC.

Meserete Kristos Leaders met for their General Assembly on August 29th. Time was allocated during the opening session for the LMC group to greet the Assembly and pass along messages as they are led. Following the greetings, Bishop Keith Weaver has been asked to address the Assembly by sharing from God’s Word.

Arrangements will be made for the LMC group to visit different local churches and possibly preach at Sunday Services.

The travel group consists of LMC Bishops – Alvin Motley, Glenn Kauffman, Keith Weaver, Jim Sutton, Rodney Martin, and LMC Global Delegate, Pastor Tom Eshleman.

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