Ways to Respond to the COVID-19 as followers of Christ

LMC is a fellowship of Anabaptist churches with a Spirit-led movement to make disciples of Jesus, mobilize every member as a missionary, and multiply faith communities locally and beyond! The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world. As followers of Jesus, we are called to respond proactively with the Love of God.

Actions to consider:

  • Urge everyone to engage in corporate intercession and fasting while social distancing or self-quarantine is in place.
  • Provide weekly prayer requests and scripture text via email, text, or website.
  • Initiate an early conversation with all pastoral staff with ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Pastors and staff: divide up the church directory to check in with your congregants.
  • Check-in with senior members of your church or community. Call them on the phone. (Consider assigning youth to check in with seniors).
  • Over-communicate and be specific! If you have a need, call, text or email…
  • Pastors: record a 5-minute, weekly word of encouragement and include scripture, lament, prayer, etc. Post it on your website or share a link via email or text or all three.
  • Ramp up to Live stream for your worship services.
  • Share Live stream links for worship services within your District or broader LMC churches.
  • If possible, create a ‘medical team’ of members in your congregation. Have trained professionals available to answer questions and reduce anxiety. Provide their contact information.
  • Check out the free 60-day subscription for church communication software.
  • Start a Virtual Prayer meeting on Facebook or Zoom; open to your community.
  • Right Now Media provides about 2000 resources for children. (free limited resources in response to COVID-19)
  • Evaluate the facility’s cleaning/ disinfectant plan and order supplies. (Delivery time may be delayed due to shortages).
  • How to disinfect our church or home
  • COVID-19 Church planning manual and template-free resource in English and Español: https://coronavirusandthechurch.com/
  • Release mission funds for needs in the local community.
  • Increase your benevolence funds and expect an increased need for financial assistance and distribution.
  • Encourage local food bank donations and access.
  • Support local business and home delivery services for community needs.
  • Pack boxes of food and hold a ‘drive-through’ food distribution at your church.
  • Encourage social media connections, conversations and discipleship. Use the LMC Facebook page if your congregation does not have a social media platform. (Yes, you can post on LMC, it is open)
  • Divide the congregation into small groups. The groups could be geographical or relational groups already in place. Have one person over each group who reaches out at least once a week to check-in and provide support as well as find out needs. Once a week, the group leaders can have a Zoom call to be in contact to both pray together and make sure physical needs are covered.
  • Offer a very short morning and evening devotional that includes scripture, prayer, and a reflective question.
  • Form a neighborhood group (either via text messaging, Facebook, or other social media platform) to check in with each day and provide encouragement and support.
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