Revelation, Prayer, Healing and Provision 

By Deacon Chantal Kabamba

At the Evangelical Center for Revival, we believe in the power of prayer and the command  given to us from our Lord in Colossians 4:2, “Devote yourselves in prayer, being watchful and thankful” (NIV). We have two intercession teams within the church that meet twice a week on a prayer chain. These two prayer groups intercede for the needs of the congregation and the body of Christ. 

This past year the congregation experienced God’s glory, faithfulness, and miraculous healing power as a result of obedience to a revelation. In March of 2019, God revealed through the Holy Spirit the need to pray for a particular family in the church by the name Mossengo. The Mossengo family resides in York, PA. They joined the congregation in 2005. At the time of the revelation, God didn’t give any specific details about why we were to pray for this family. However, we were obedient to the call. Only later did we understand the reason for such urgent prayer. We did not know the trial that awaited this family, and the impact the prayers would have on them. In August 2019, fifteen-year-old Angy-Mike, one of the Mossengo children, was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a condition resulting from an enlarged heart. 

Angy-Mike was a typical teenager who enjoyed spending time with friends and family. As a young wrestler since 7th grade at Red Lion school in York PA, all his sports ambitions collapsed in the summer of 2019. He began to experience shortness of breath and fatigue while wrestling and even when taking a flight of stairs. As his symptoms worsened, wrestling became more and more difficult. 

After school one day, Angy-Mike told his mother about his breathing and energy problems. He told her that he felt very weak and thought he might pass out. He was barely able to walk from the bus stop to his house. His health deteriorated so quickly that his parents rushed him to the Emergency Room. Test results revealed an abnormal heart enlargement and fluid in his lungs. He received an immediate, emergency transfer to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Specialists determined that Angy-Mike’s heart function was only 10% of capacity. After unsuccessful attempts to manage his condition conservatively with medications, the decision was made for surgical intervention. Doctors inserted a temporary left ventricular-assist device (LVAD) to support his failing heart while he waited for a heart transplant, the last available option. This shocking news led the church to remain in prayer and fasting, believing God for a miracle. We had total confidence in the Lord because the Spirit had prepared us months in advance by having this family in our prayers. We trusted that our Lord would ultimately provide a new heart for Angy-Mike.

Chantal Kababa is a a deacon at ECR and is engaged in many ministries, particularly particularly the women’s ministry where her commitment to serve the Lord has had a tremendous impact. Originally from the Republic of Congo. She is the wife of Evangelist Louis Kabamba and the mother of 3 children.

Finally in the beginning of November, news came from the transplant team that a heart was  found. The process moved quickly, and Angy-Mike received the new heart on November 6, 2019. The transplant was successful, and he was discharged home one week before Christmas. A GoFundMe account was setup for Angy-Mike Mossengo to share his miraculous story. There was an outpouring of prayers and support. So far, $22,000.00 came through GoFundMe towards the $1,000,000.00 medical expenses.

Angy-Mike’s story is a living testimony that Jesus Christ still heals and provides. This story has been told everywhere to show the world that our Lord Jesus is the ONLY healer.

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