Learning from Leader Survey

We identified the following themes in the responses from the leader survey taken in the Spring in response to changes from Covid-19.

  1. Congregations moved from expressions of “Sunday-centered church” to “life-centered church” (centralization to decentralization). Congregations responded with nimbleness and the ability to adapt as we need to do so.
  2. Some congregations were wrestling with core changes before the pandemic and are seeing this as a “holy pause” and are responding to this as the Early Church responded to these kinds of disruptions. Technical adaptations were the most common mentions with related comments about online technology and meetings with Zoom, and an increase in prayer.
  3. Leaders are going deeper with their faith; people have risen up and are more caring and connected.

It is important to learn from this current crisis. It will be important to help leaders foster nimbleness, creativity, and apply this going forward. We should be impressed with the nimbleness we see. It is important that we not rush back into doing what was comfortable so that we live into some of these new postures. How do we encourage this to continue and not let that get away 12 months from now?

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