FREE WORKSHOPS For Congregations Supporting Survivors & Preventing Child Sexual Abuse


Protecting children and offering genuine support to survivors of sexual violence is a part of any healthy church community. Faith communities can be part of the healing process when they understand the dynamics and know how to respond. The programs below were developed to help churches in this mission.



The Congregation, Sunday School Classes, Youth Groups, and more

FREE  There is no fee to the church for these programs, due to generous funding by the  LMC Legacy Foundation.Picture

-An Interview Between Your Pastor and a Survivor
-Workshop for the Congregation
-Workshops for Elementary & Jr. High Youth, and their parents

Right. It’s COVID. This means we are flexible with how we present this information. If you are meeting in person, we can present at your location.
Are you connecting virtually? We can present over Zoom, while still having interactive activities to engage the listeners. Or we can record for your
YouTube playlist.

We are scheduling programs through October 2021. We are flexible on the day of the week and time of day.

See the Inquiry Form and
for more information to connect HERE 
Do not hesitate to contact the Program Manager,
Andrea Stoner Leaman, with any questions or
to discuss options at or 717.569.9989.
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