A writer for a new Sunday School Curriculum

By Glenn W. Nofziger II,

When I was first invited to help brainstorm and then be a writer for a new Sunday School curriculum initiative I was not sure what all I was getting into or how much time I was going to be able to commit to the project. But as I prayed about it and as we began meeting as a team to plan and dream it seemed more and more like something God was calling me to do.

I have had a hate/love journey with writing. I hated writing when I was in school. I loved reading but writing essays was painful and research papers were even worse. In high school and college, my papers were always written last minute with little to no time given for editing or proofreading. I cringe even thinking about the papers I turned in to my professors. 

But then something changed my life. When I served in RAD (Reaching and Discipling) in 2000, our intercessor at the discipleship center shared a word with me that someday I would be a writer. I was still not excited about writing yet but I believed it softened my heart towards it. 

In 2006 I was called to serve as a ministry intern at my church which helped me make an enlightening discovery. I was required to write up reflections on books and ministry experiences. I realized I was able to best process what I had learned and experienced through the process of writing. It was so rewarding. For the first time, I actually loved writing!

When I experienced my call in 2010 to serve the church in vocational ministry and teach the bible it became evident that God was calling me to seminary. Had I not received that encouraging word about becoming a writer and then had such a positive experience processing through writing I would have been too intimidated to even consider tackling all the graduate-level writing seminary would require! The writing was still challenging in seminary, especially the research papers! But the bible study was fantastic. 

I believe strongly in adult bible study. It’s not just kids who need to be in Sunday School. Bible Study is foundational to our faith heritage. The ancient Hebrews orally passed on God’s law. The early church shared the gospel stories and letters of faith amongst believers. The early Anabaptists found it imperative that all believers should be able to study the bible together. The bible is not just something for priests to read and study. 

It is with great joy and satisfaction I now get to experience the fruition of being called to be a writer to provide a curriculum for adult bible study from an evangelical Anabaptist perspective! It is a privilege to study the scriptures and help write lessons. God has grown my appreciation for writing to help me process and for the benefit of others studying his word. My prayer is that others will grow in their relationship with the Lord through these lessons.

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