Anabaptist Teacher for LMC

Come to the Table-Luke 13:29

William Higgins serves as a teacher for LMC. He provides resources for leaders and church members for training and enrichment in following Jesus in the mission of God. He leads reading groups, teaches classes focused on Anabaptist faith and practice, and also provides Bible studies on various Scripture passages. He visits district meetings and churches to give input, teach, and preach.

Two Anabaptist spirituality reading groups finished up in May. Upcoming classes include Five Stories from the Gospel of Mark (in Spanish) this summer; Interpreting Scripture with Jesus at the Center in September; and Winter Bible School 2023 on Mark 8:27-9:50. 

William was born in Alabama and was raised in the South, but has lived in various parts of the country including the Northwest and Northeast. He is married to Stacey and has three grown daughters. Although not raised as an Anabaptist, he has served as a pastor of several Mennonite churches over the course of twenty-six years. Along with his work at LMC, he serves as an overseas teacher for EMM. He also teaches in LMC’s STEP program.

William graduated from Vennard College, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and Drew University Graduate School.

To learn more about upcoming offerings visit LMC’s homepage and scroll down to the Training tab.

“In his Anabaptist Spirituality course, William Higgins took a very invitational approach, inviting all of us to share our insights and understandings.  At the same time, he was knowledgeable in his responses to our questions and inquiries.  His final list of summary themes which he distributed after the class ended was a wonderful distillation of major ideas. I was particularly moved by the deep commitment to Bible study and prayer by the martyrs in our past.

Paul W. Nisly, retired Bishop

“I joined William Higgins Anabaptist Spirituality reading group to deepen my understanding of being an Anabaptist. Coming from an evangelical back-ground, I had no prior understanding. Not only did this class deepen my understanding, but it also gave me a profound love for the Anabaptist way. I highly recommend these reading classes for those desiring to grow.”

Josh McCullough
Associate Pastor at Mount Joy Mennonite Church

“I stumbled upon the Anabaptist Spirituality Reading Group “by accident,” and I’m so glad I did! It was encouraging to me in my own faith in two ways. First, by examining the witness of the early Anabaptists who followed Jesus and the Scriptures-even to death. Second, we discussed what it means for us to follow Jesus faithfully and how Anabaptist theology can shape our lives and faith today.”

Erica Heisey, Leader of Team 6:8 for Racial Justice 
CrossRoads Brethren in Christ, Mount Joy, Pa.
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