L. Keith Weaver retires following twenty-two years of service.

LMC, a fellowship of Anabaptist churches, is pleased to announce the retirement of Moderator L. Keith Weaver following twenty-two years of faithful service. Keith and Joanne Weaver were honored at retirement celebrations for Keith’s twenty-two years of faithful service as LMC Moderator. Keith gave himself selflessly to the cause of the church and the coming of God’s Kingdom among us.

Fall Leadership Assembly 2022 (photo by Sherri Martin)

Bishops and leaders held a special service on Saturday, September 24 at Stumptown Mennonite Church during Fall Leadership Assembly. A drop-in dessert reception was held on Sunday, September 25 at the Hub 450 in Lancaster. With joy, friends and family from near and far gathered to give thanks for the many years of service. 

A painting titled, New Day, was commissioned by LMC Districts as a gift to Keith & Joanne which captures the essence of their life and ministry. Artist Brenda Blank painted the landscape of the farm where they spent many years of life with their children. Prophetic words to Keith and Joanne were written into the landscape. The frame was handcrafted by Ervin Stutzman. Their children provided the wood for the frame from the Bedford county family cabin.

For the next three to five years,a four-person Bishop Elders Teamwill provide executive leadership to continue the ministries of LMC. During this season of change and transformation, Bishop Keith Blank, Bishop Rodney Martin, Bishop Marcia Mylin, and Bishop Tuyen Nguyen are committed to leading LMC in learning new ways of thinking and behaving as a Spirit-led movement multiplying disciples, missionaries, and faith communities. They will ensure that effective leadership is in place for the Conference Executive Council (LMC governing board), the Bishops’ Council, and the LMC staff team by facilitating further discernment about governing structures that best support a Spirit-led movement of multiplication.

Keith Weaver states, “The wisdom of calling a Bishop Elders Team became more evident as my retirement approached. This team has a depth of spiritual maturity to lead LMC in being a disciple-making movement following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Each one on the team brings a balance of spiritual gifts and aptitudes to create amazing synergy. Under their leadership, along with the Board of Bishops and the Conference Executive Council, LMC is certain to continue experiencing the spiritual and organizational transformation needed to realize our mission vision. He concludes, “JoAnne and I are deeply grateful for the blessing it has been to have served our Lord along with so many wonderful people in LMC and beyond. We look forward to where the Holy Spirit will lead us in this next season of our lives.

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